Prove your humanity

Perth-based artist Adrian Dzvuke, popularly known for his soulful mixture of R&B and Pop, has been gaining loyal fans with every new release. 

His recent single, Feelin’ Myself has solidified Dzvuke’s reputation as an artist who has no limitations when it comes to the exploration of genres. The fresh track features a blend of hip-hop and smooth R&B rhythms to showcase an envious vocal range. 

Feelin’ Myself boasts effortlessly written lyrics and a seamlessly blended production, and well deserving of a large round of applause. From your first listen, you immediately get stuck on the memorable chorus, ‘walked up in the building and I’m feelin’ myself’. Proclaiming for all that Dzvuke is bold and proud of who he is. 

This song is the production of the sweetest and finest of berries. The aesthetic in the music video is unique. It shows how Dzvuke is a creative genius in terms of his sound, his dress style, the visuals we see, and his undeniable swag. It gives a 90s vibe, and one can even see Adrian Dzvuke as ‘The Fresh Prince of Perth’.

With his talented band playing alongside him, this song would rock-on at gigs and festivals. We cannot wait to see what he has in store for us this year and, hopefully, we get hints of a bigger project on its way sometime soon. 


Check out the video for Feelin’ Myself below!

Stream Feelin’ Myself below!