Prove your humanity

Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Louise Gaul is set to make a name for herself with her debut release, These Palms. Embracing her dynamic piano-centric indie pop-rock energy, These Palms is a ruminative track embellished with momentous strings and adorned with blues sentimentality. 

Image Credit : Simon Huska

The track, co-produced with Matthew Sievers, ventures through the gritty, twisted thoughts of losing one’s religion. Bold and resilient, These Palms pulses through an early year’s groove and creates sweeping moments of empathy with production and recording that is unique and brilliant.

A lyrical, one-sided conversation that is entwined with themes of dark Western religiosity, the track ponders the implications of hypocrisy and betrayal from the perspective of a simple youthful lover, navigating body and mind with a satisfying pull between intimacy and disassociation. These Palms is Louise’s way of capturing the swirl of contradictory thoughts, unanswered questions and chaos of the experiences she faced when watching her belief system crumble. It is a creation from a sweet spot between pleasure and angst. 

For a debut, These Palms proves that Louise Gaul is one emerging artist to look out for in 2021. We cannot wait to see how she takes on the Melbourne scene.


Stream the track below!