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No better word could describe the amazing female artists we have here in WA than trailblazers. Strong and beautiful women who are pioneers in their industry, they serve as proud role models for future generations. 

Image Credit: Sheldon Ang

International Women’s Day on Monday the 8th of March encourages us all to actively reflect on and celebrate the amazing political, economic, social and cultural achievements women have made and continue to make globally. Acknowledging the steps we must take together to achieve equality and prosperity for women across the world in an inclusive conversation. 

This article shines a spotlight on the remarkable female artists we have here in our local community. A force to be reckoned with, these ladies are proving that there are no limits to what women in music can achieve. 

In no particular order, below are some of WA’s finest female talent you need to be aware of.


Your Girl Pho

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A vivacious and energetic performer, Your Girl Pho is WA’s Best Electronic Live Act as voted in the 2019 WAM awards. A dynamic vocalist and producer with an undeniably powerful stage presence, Your Girl Pho has been leaping from success to success as she releases hit after hit. Her latest single, ‘Co Star’ released on February 26th is a perfect blend of dreamy pop chaos exploring female confidence with Your Girl Pho’s usual bold vocals and sass. 


Tanaya Harper

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Perth’s premier songwriter and indie-rock angel, Tanaya Harper has captured audiences’ hearts with her poignant and personal lyrics that resonate with listeners. Her tracks feature calming melodies and dreamlike vocals that transport audiences away, such as her premier 2018 track, ‘Graceless’. Her latest release, Tender is the Night VOL1 is an intimate recording of her favourite tracks in support of WA composers and classical musicians, giving them the opportunity to work again after the COVID-19 outbreak. Highlighting the amazing songwriting of original WA artists, 100% of the proceeds of Harper’s Bandcamp sales have gone towards assisting Perth bushfire victims. 


Carla Geneve

Image Credit – Duncan Wright

A lady that needs no introduction is Carla Geneve. The Fremantle heavyweight singer-songwriter is best known for her candid storytelling, powerful vocals and captivating stage presence that has garnered her a loyal following across Australia. Geneve left the 2019 WAM awards night with four awards for Best Rock ActBest SingleBest Guitarist, and Best EP. Nominated for several categories this year, Geneve has been going from strength to strength as she solidifies her sterling reputation. Geneve’s latest single, ‘Dog Eared’ is off her upcoming debut album Learn To Like It, set to release in late April. A dynamic rock number that is overflowing with raw energy, Geneve is a female indie-rock powerhouse and a fantastic role-model for the music community she teaches. 


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Grace Barbé

Hailing from the islands of Seychelles and based in Perth, Grace Barbé blends smooth tropical rhythms with rock, afrobeat, reggae, and pop to create compelling exotic tracks that celebrate her Kreol culture and showcases female strength and resilience. Barbé has toured all over India, the Indian Ocean, and Australia with her band “Afro-Kreol”, including younger sister Joelle Barbé (drums) and long-time collaborator and professor of Afro-rock, Jamie Searle (Guitar). The winner of the Best World Act at the WAM awards 3 years running, Barbé is hailed as one of the best live performers in Perth with captivating sets that are unforgettable. 



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Dulcie, as sweet as the word they derive their name from, is arguably Perth’s favourite emerging all-female supergroup. Dulcie is made up of Ashleigh Carr-White (Vocals / Piano), Timieka Denton (Vocals / Bass), Saskia Brittain (Vocals / Guitar) and Madison Hanley (Drums). Together, they create smooth and distinctive tracks that exude effortlessly cool energy that test (and ultimately break) the boundaries of the indie-pop genre. Featuring eternal summer vibes and dripping in nostalgia, their latest track, ‘Dust’ is an exploration of the evolution of relationships with their usual melodic choruses and compelling rhythms. These ladies have been recognised for their unique sound across Australia, with Ocean Alley dubbing their song ‘Fall’ as their favourite track of 2019. 


Gem Addison (Freehand)

Image Credit – Jordyn Montague

Gem Addison is the creator of the Perth soul fusion outfit, Freehand. A passion project for Addison, Freehand’s sets feature captivating and raw vocals and lush harmonies in a dynamic and unique format that have entranced audiences and solidified them as ones to watch on the local scene. Their debut single, ‘Into It’ was released in March 2020 to much local acclaim. An emotional rollercoaster of a track that takes the listener on a journey of crushing, sexuality, and self-awareness, Addison takes on her role as a musical storyteller with considerable success.


Siobhan Cotchin

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Wowing audiences with her stunning blend of alt-country and rock is Siobhan Cotchin. Imbuing her songwriting with raw and gritty introspective feelings, Cotchin captivates listeners and wins over their hearts. Her latest release, ‘The Fair-Weather Friend Blues’ is a fine example of the addictive and cathartic energy her tracks can bring. A whirlwind of energy, Cotchin is owning her moment in the local scene. Showcasing that this lady has a career that is only going up from here.


Stacey Anne

Image Credit – Jordyn Montague

A hidden treasure, Stacey Anne is an emerging indie-folk artist leaving audiences awestruck by her intimate and enchanting performances. Reminiscent of Birdy and Meg Mac, Stacey Anne focuses on cultivating her sound with captivating vocals and soothing acoustic rhythms on tracks ‘She’ and ‘Body’. Creating soulful and compelling music, Anne is a formidable female force armed with warmth and sincerity.


Nika Mo

Image Credit – Nika Mo

Owning her Perth roots, Nika Mo makes poetry of the mundane in her unique melancholic-folk sound. Featuring sweeping vocals, candid lyrics that tear at the soul, and bold riffs that sweep listeners away, Nika Mo is an individual artist. Captivating from the first chords, tracks such as ‘Exist’ and ‘I Don’t Believe You (Anymore)’ off her 2019 debut EP November, are achingly beautiful and leave you with chills. 



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A self-described “boss-bitch”, Bexx is owning her narrative as a unique and vibrant producer and performance artist that embraces the theatricality of her electronic-dance sound. Her sets often feature psychedelic, colourful visuals and face-paint, committing to a fun and immersive live experience for audiences guaranteed to make you sweat. A fierce supporter of women forging their own paths in the electronic/production industry, Bexx is a remarkable electronic queen. Now with a full band backing her up, Bexx’s bass-heavy tracks with her dreamy vocals are one not to be missed live.


Elsewhere/ Rebecca

Image Credit: RTRFM

Elsewhere/Rebecca is a young woman who is going places. Not yet on Spotify, you’ll have to go to Soundcloud, YouTube or Bandcamp to listen to her first album release. If you like Royksopp, Thom Yorke or Robyn, this up-and-coming electronica artist will tick all your boxes. Having studied electronic music at SAE Institute, Rebecca has the technical understanding to present a cohesive and dream-like soundscape for listeners. And she does it well. Soft beats and smooth rhythms tie together Rebecca’s sound, and her album had me in a trance from beginning to end. For just eight dollars it could be yours, so show some love for this new lady on the scene in Perth and get to it.


Here’s to our strong female artists in WA.