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President’s welcome


“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”       

‘The Legend of Zelda (1986)’

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2021 Grok and Student Guild Survival Guide. Inside, you’ll find student wisdom on everything from the yummiest food on campus, to navigating OASIS and Blackboard, and the best coffee spots on campus.
We have the most incredible student body at Curtin who are working together, sharing knowledge, building club communities, and supporting each other. Together, we make studying at Curtin the vibrant and exciting experience it is. No matter what walk of life you come from, there’s a little something for everyone at the Guild, so I hope you’ll engage with us along the way.
Take advantage of the services we provide, and don’t ever be afraid to get in touch. The Guild is here for you during the best of times and the worst of times, and no matter what you’ll always have someone in your corner to listen and help.

I’ll see you around!

Jesse Naylor Zambrano
Guild President


Your Guild

Curtin Student Guild is your representative body at Curtin University. We’re here to represent your interests to the University, the government and the wider community—and to ensure you’re not getting a raw deal while you’re completing your degree. We provide representation, advocacy, student services, free and low cost events, and an extensive (and awesome) range of retail and food outlets across our Bentley Campus. The Guild is run by students and, as Curtin students ourselves, we share your needs.

We have created this guide to help you survive your first year, make the most of your Curtin student experience and help you capitalise on your free Guild membership. Inside this amazing guide are: study tips, our recommendations on finding the best food, coffee and pints on campus, and the crucial knowledge of where to find the best shitters and nap locations. Check us out on Facebook at and like us to keep updated on things that are happening on campus.


2021 Guild Executive

President: Jesse Zambrano (

Vice President Education: Bridge Truell (

Vice President Activities: Lachy Lee (

Secretary: Fatma Sehic (

Chair of Representation Board: Dylan Botica (


What is a Faculty Representative and who are they this year?

Every year, one student from each faculty is elected to represent students on university committees, respond to student questions and concerns, tackle academic issues and support academic clubs and events to ensure the Curtin experience is as fun, fruitful and breezy as it can be.

Faculty representatives are here to assist students, so please don’t hesitate to contact your representative if you need support and information.


2021 Faculty Representatives

Humanities: Madison Ainsworth (

Science and Engineering: Jason Kim (

Health Sciences: Lucy Rohl (

Business and Law: Dylan Botica (


We can be contacted by email, phone (9266 3392—we all share the same phone number, so don’t forget to ask for your representative), or by visiting us in Building 106F.


What is a Guild department and who is my Equity Representative?

Guild departments ensure special interest groups are represented and have a safe space to call home. Throughout the year, the Guild departments run events, workshops and host barbecues. Guild departments are run by your elected Equity Representatives listed below!


Postgraduate Student Committee

The Guild’s PSC provides representation and advocacy services for all internal and external postgraduate students. The committee organises information sessions and social events throughout the year for postgraduate students to get to know each other, administrators and industry-related personnel. The PSC is run by a committee of elected postgraduate representatives who meet on a regular basis. We have an open door policy, so come in and say hello!

Equity Representative for 2021: May Majimbi


International Student Committee

The ISC promotes the well-being of international students at Curtin University—helping them achieve a quality education while enjoying a meaningful and diverse social life. The ISC promotes multiculturalism on campus through exciting and culturally diverse events throughout the year.

Equity Representative for 2021: Cristian Moreno


Queer Department

Whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, are unsure if you fit into the LGBTQIA+ community or simply think the LGBTQIA+ community is awesome and you would love to be an ally, head on over to the Queer Department!

We have educational resources on matters that concern the LGBTQIA+ community. Our Queer Officers are here to support and assist students with any queries and provide referrals to LGBTQIA+ inclusive medical and counselling services. The Department hosts a number of entertaining events where students can meet other members of the LGBTQIA+ community on campus.

We ask that everyone understands that the Queer Department is a safe space and as such we foster a respectful and mindful attitude towards everyone—regardless of how they identify.

(Also, take a shot every time you read “LGBTQIA+” in this post.)

Equity Representative for 2021: Dax Jagoe


Women’s Department

The Women’s Department is a platform and safe space for all women to socialise, relax and access resources. We are an autonomous safe space free from prejudice based on gender, race, religion and sexuality. The Women’s Department is responsible for representing issues facing Curtin women on and off campus. We work to maintain communication with national student organisations, identify and respond to issues relevant to women at Curtin, and run and support campaigns, events and activities that aim for gender equality.

If you’re passionate about the fight for gender equality, or just want a safe space to chill and socialise, get to know your Women’s collective down at Building 106F!

Equity Representative for 2021: Cassidy Pemberton


First Nations Department

The First Nations Department is here to support and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with services, and to connect them with people both on and off campus to make their university experience as enjoyable as possible. We are hoping to host great events both on and off campus, and establish clubs that allow both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to connect and engage in a social setting. The First Nations Department aims to promote and educate all people on Indigenous Australian’s culture, history and issues. Our intention is to create a sense of awareness and acknowledgment between both Indigenous and non-Indigenous cohorts.

Equity Representative for 2021: Lulkbudia Mclean


Accessibility Department

We’re an all-inclusive collective that represents the interests of students who identify as having a disability, mental illness or other access needs at Curtin. We are a support network for students and we are available to address questions, concerns and complaints. The Department works with Curtin University and its disability support services to advocate for students with disabilities. We also run events and continually work to improve awareness around accessibility issues.

Equity Representative for 2021: Clare Metcalf