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Guild Clubs

Student clubs are a great way to get involved and meet new people around campus who share the same interests and challenges. They are a gateway to building skills, networking and a wide range of extracurricular experiences open to students—with many clubs providing travel opportunities, leadership and/or project management experience.


Guild clubs can be divided into five types

1. Special interest

Special interest clubs include everything that doesn’t fall into the below categories, like sports, music, gaming, and social events. The best fun you will ever have at university will be in these clubs and we cannot recommend them enough.

2. Academic

Academic clubs help their members develop networking and professional skills to suit a particular degree. Some of them like to run their own social events too.

3. International

International clubs run social events for international students so that they can make connections with people from home, but also for domestic students so that they can make friends and learn about different cultures.

4. Issue-based

These clubs are centred on promoting and advocating for a particular issue or political group, and offer many opportunities to get involved with volunteering.

5. Faith-based

These clubs allow students to gather and practice the many religious, spiritual and cultural traditions present at Curtin.


Student Assist

Student Assist is the support and advocacy service of the Curtin Student Guild, here at Curtin University. We’re available for all Curtin students with any personal, financial or academic issues.

Our team of Student Assist officers can provide you with information or refer you to a wide variety of services. We are unbiased, confidential and, most importantly, we are run by the Guild—which means we’re completely independent from Curtin University.

We’re the best people to explain your rights and responsibilities with regard to University policy. We can help explain decisions made about your enrolment, academic progress or assessments. We’ll also advise you on how best to resolve academic issues.

The services offered include:

  • Appeals
  • Academic and general misconduct support
  • Budgeting advice
  • Financial support and grants
  • Complaints
  • Postgraduate mentor program