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If you’ve never been to a lecture before, here’s some advice: go to your lectures—or at least watch them online if you have other commitments. It’s where you learn stuff.


Oasis has all the services that you need as a student in one place. Use it to access Blackboard, your student email, the Official Communication Channel, and the library database.


Blackboard is your lifeline during semester. It’s where all the lecture slides, course content, assessment details, unit outlines, and all the tutorial sheets and related readings are uploaded.

Student email

It’s important you regularly check your student email. It’s where your lecturers and the University will contact you about important stuff. “I didn’t read the email” is an ineffective excuse, trust us.

Official Communication Channel

The OCC is separate from your student email, and it’s important to check weekly. It’s where you will receive official and important academic information like your exam timetable.

Online Journal Databases

You will visit the library website more often than you visit your real life friends during assessment time. The OJD contains a bunch of useful resources that make it easier to study.


Curtin has very strict academic misconduct rules. It’s of utmost importance that you correctly reference your assignments to avoid collusion and plagiarism.

For clarification and useful guides on referencing head here.

Student appeal

All students have the right to appeal their assessments if they have evidence to show that the marks given were inaccurate. Students have 10 working days to submit their appeal. This timeline starts from the day you received your marks. Before using a formal appeals process consider talking to your unit coordinator or head of school. The Student Assist department can help you prepare an appeal. Email:

Robertson Library

Come exam time you’ll find yourself needing to access reference material, and it’ll pay to be very familiar with Robertson Library. The library is open 24/7 during semester, and from 8:30am–6pm out of semester. You can book out study rooms for group projects, and there are computers for student use on levels two through to five of the library.

Abacus labs

At some point throughout your degree you’ll find yourself with a dead laptop, the need to pull an all-nighter, or you’ll be unable to study at home.

Abacus computer labs run 23 hours a day, 7 days a week (only closing between 5:30–6:30am for cleaning). They contain basic software required for research or report writing, but (depending on what you’re doing) there are also labs specific to engineering, Linux, business, and design.

Check with your faculty to find a lab suited to your needs. You may need student key card access for certain labs, or to get into labs after hours.

Handy websites

Journal Article Database:

Past exam papers:

Curtin Library Catalogue:


Sorry, there isn’t any.

Jokes aside, leave yourself at least half an hour to find parking because bays are in short supply—and maybe another ten minutes to get to your class because it’s quite a big campus. Curtin uses Cell-O-Park, a pay-as-you-go parking system (which means you need to remember to stop paying when you go). To register your car visit this page.

If you can’t find a bay, try the parking bays north of the stadium on Kent Street; or try parking at Waterford shopping centre—it’s a five-minute walk to campus, but you risk a fine if you park longer than three hours.

Public transport

Bentley Campus now has the Curtin Central bus station, which has 12 bus stands and accommodates up to 80 bus services during peak periods. Curtin also has buses running through Kent Street, Hayman Road and Manning Road that encircle the Bentley campus, which should solve all your public transport conundrums. You can find out more about bus routes and times on the Transperth website. Consider taking public transport for the first two weeks of uni as most people are driving in.


If you live near friends who need to travel to Curtin, why not share a ride? You’ll save yourself money and time, and reduce pollution in the process.