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Curtin bucket list

Curtin is a unique space with a vibrant campus life. With time, Curtin has developed its landmarks, it’s celebrities and its rituals. With the help of students, we’ve collated a list of things that you simply must do before you leave Curtin at the end of your degree:

  • Jump the koi pond next to Curtin Connect
  • Go to class with no bags, books, pen or laptop. Just your phone.
  • Ride an elevator without an elevator pass
  • Pat George Bode the therapy dog on one of his now rare visits to Curtin
  • Try the kebabs at both George’s and Basement, decide which is better, argue with people about it for       the next four years
  • Walk past Bookmark without buying a doughnut
  • Contribute in a group assignment
  • Ride an elevator in the library facing the wrong way
  • Lay flowers at the Curtin Bunny Memorial near building 303
  • Gain five kilos from the delicious Angazi fries
  • Join 10 student clubs on Guild O-Day
  • Vote in the Student Guild elections
  • Come to an exam in your pyjamas
  • Read the Curtin student publication – Grok
  • Skip paying for parking for an entire week without getting a fine
  • Attend every Tav party in your first year
  • Sleepover in the computer science labs/Abacus after a tav party
  • Spend a whole day in any of the buildings (library, abacus, editing room) with mates working on an           assessment.
  • Pre-drink in the car park before a Tav event
  • Get featured on Curtin Crap Parking Awards

Toilet guide

Looking for your very own piece of porcelain paradise? There are many toilets around campus, but here’s a list of noteworthy shithouses:

Psychology ground floor

A quiet sanctuary with a plethora of usually completely vacant toilets that are both clean and fragrant. 9/10

The Tav

On a regular day, these may be fragrant and lemon scented, complementing the most advanced hand dryers on campus; or they could be reminiscent of the swamp planet Dagobah. 6/10


You’ll never find them. ?/10

Computer Science

Avoid them if hygiene is important to you. 2/10

The bus port

The portaloo is said to be quite nice, but it may delay other students who endeavour to have a shit at home. 7/10

Building 108

Spacious, and often not busy. The OT and Social Work students know how to keep their bathrooms clean. 9/10


By this point, you may ask, what about those of us who need a bit more privacy and assistance to take care of our business. Although there are unisex/accessible toilets in multiple locations around campus, these are the ones we have scouted that tick all the boxes for “low-riders” (wheelchair/crutch users) or people who do not feel comfortable using gendered bathrooms. Not in any particular order:

200A John Curtin Gallery, left of Bankwest Theatre.

108 Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Level 1, close to back entrance (probably cleaner than your toilet at home or so we hope).

215 Engineering Pavilion, Level 1, at the end of the corridor at the back of the building, facing Curtin College.

213 Tim Winton Lecture, Level 1, back end to the left (great acoustics for singing).

416 Curtin Medical School, left of reception.


Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to check that there’s loo paper before you lay a brick.