Prove your humanity

Australiana Indie Rock band Spici Water have just dropped their first single, Drunk Texts, and it is a fiery number.

Image Credit: Spici Water

An impressive initial release from the local band, Drunk Texts features sizzling riffs, thrumming bass, and a striking drum beat that draws in audiences with its groovy and catchy tune. The snappy and astute lyrics perfectly capture the powerful feeling of drunk confidence when sending that risqué text late at night – often to someone you’re not supposed to. Strong and compelling vocals drive the song along at a fierce pace. With my foot tapping and my head nodding, Drunk Texts has a chorus that deserves – no, needs – to be belted out live to an enthusiastic crowd.

Spici Water is a Perth band carving a nice niche in the local scene with their fun and tongue-in-cheek songs. Now on the music scene for three years, the band is focused on creating relatable music that explores coming of age and living in Australia as a young person. The band comprises AJ on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Fred on bass guitar, Daniel on drums, and Kyle as lead guitarist. ‘Drunk Texts’ is polished and holds exciting promise for their future releases. 

You can catch the single launch of Drunk Texts at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough on April 30th. With special guests Scream Mountain, The Washing Line Economy, and Girl From Mars, the night is sure to impress. 


Stream Drunk Texts on Spotify below.