Prove your humanity

Hi everyone – we have almost made it, the end of the semester is in sight! Let’s get right into it.


Return Our Tuition-Free Weeks!
I am advocating hard for the return of our second tuition-free week. Students are doing more assignments than ever with less time to work on them, and we are seeing the effects. If you have been impacted by the removal of the tuition-free week, I want to know how it affected you, so I can pass student feedback on. You can contact me at


New Vice-Chancellor
The new VC, Professor Harlene Hayne, arrived in mid-May. This VC seems to have a real focus on quality teaching, getting students back into campus, and being connected with student issues. She expressed interest in coming down to student events (like End of Semester Bash this Friday 28th at the Tav) to meet students and see what’s up. This is promising for students’ interests at Curtin, but only time will tell.


Learning for Tomorrow (formerly Blended Learning @ Curtin)
The Curtin Student Guild has not yet received the next iteration of the Learning for Tomorrow strategy from the university. The new VC is taking onboard our student feedback and taking charge of the Learning for Tomorrow Consultation Process. She seems to have put a stop to the rush to approve this policy by semester 2 and also assuring me that no changes will happen without thorough student consultation and a pilot trial.

We are advocating for the next stage of consultation to take place at the start of semester 2 when students will have the lowest workload and the highest capacity to have their say. As soon as the Guild knows more, we will make students aware. Follow our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.


Curtin Counselling Wait Times
The Guild has been looking into the long wait times at Curtin Counselling, and concerns about the service being defunded. We have communicated these concerns directly to the Vice-Chancellor on multiple occasions and are continuing to advocate for the wait time to be addressed. No matter what funding challenges Curtin is facing, student wellbeing and support need to be a top priority.

And there you have it, folks! Good luck with your final assignments and exams. I wish you all love, light, and brain cells for the coming weeks.



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