Prove your humanity

Even at birth

you were no stranger to chaos,

your life skating on thin ice

but still, you chose to survive.

The stones did not weigh you down 

but built you up,

the throne you sat in shone brightly,

neither snow nor hail slowed you


until 2010,


when the stones became heavier 

and your spine began to crumble

you couldn’t help it, I don’t 

blame you man I just wish you were here 



It’s hard to remember now, I was 

just a kid when I heard you died

I think I cried for days, but the ramp 

my father built for you still stays.


Your parents moved away, 

some people can’t live with the memories

they become more haunting than ghosts,

I wonder if yours can walk,

or do you float?


Image Credit : Amir Esrafili /