Prove your humanity

Drapht’s latest album, ‘Shadows & Shinings’, showcases why he is at the forefront of the evolving hip-hop genre in Australia.



Drapht, also known as Paul Reid, has been busy during the three-year gap since his last record, Arabella Street. Released on September 10 to the excitement of fans, the album showcases a whole bunch of concepts that have followed Drapht around for the past 10 years and found their way onto this honest and introspective album.

What has come out is a refined sound that captures listeners from his opening ‘Intro’ to the explosive and slick ‘Problem Here’ featuring fellow Perth-based rappers, Complete and Eli Greeneyes. The ARIA-award winning artist is continually pushing himself to progress as an artist while keeping his signature sound that his fans love.

‘My music has always been a form of therapy. If I am ever going through anything, I put it in my music’, said Drapht.

While performing his first show of the tour at Jack Rabbit Slims on September 10, Drapht shined on stage, bursting with confidence and cool charisma. This show was not to be missed.

Originally part of an Australian national tour that was cancelled due to COVID-19, the show was a West Australian only tour. However, this is not to say that the rappers reach doesn’t extend beyond WA, with fans across Australia hyped around his much-anticipated 7th album.


Drapht will be doing a show in Tasmania on November 6.


Image Credit: Drapht