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The alarm goes off and you jump out of your bed early morning to catch your first class at 8 am. You can barely think clearly and wish for a nice, hot cup of coffee that will help you stay awake for at least a few hours before you feel the urge for a nap. At least, that is what I have always felt like when running for my first class in the morning at Curtin.

Coffee has become a staple part of university life for students as well as the lunches in between classes. With so many options available at Curtin for coffee and food, students struggle to find the best place for it. As a student and a staff at the university, I have always preferred to get coffee from Angazi Café or Concept Coffee Co, mainly because I can use my guild stickers for discounts. The coffee tastes great and for the last 2 years, I have always been looking forward to heading to university for chats and coffee with friends if not for work or study.

Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

Food and Sustainability at Curtin

Did you know there are 10 places for food at Curtin? I just recently found out a few more places at the university where I can receive the 10% discount at the Guild food outlets and cafes with my guild sticker. What I most love about the guild food outlets is their approach toward sustainability. They place emphasis on reusable cups and recently demolished the use of plastic boxes and straws. This is a great initiative by Curtin and the Guild to highlight the importance of being environmentally conscious and how collectively we can set an example and contribute to leading a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle on campus. Environmental damages are at their peak and making small changes like this can make an exponential effect over time.

Recently, an exciting student-driven project took place at Curtin which encouraged the packaging of the food and drinks prepared by the Guild-run food outlets. They have switched to using biodegradable and compostable products. The food outlets have adapted to using carbon-neutral takeaway containers, recyclable carboard trays, bioplastic cups, sustainable straws, and bamboo cutlery. Curtin Student Guild has more details on this project. Click on the link below to find out more!

Image Credit: Tabassum Ishra

Food Outlet Survey Results

Every food outlet has its own specialty and that makes it hard to find the best place to eat. Foods are not only delicious at each of these outlets but they have their own offers going on as well. To make the whole process of finding a place to sit down and eat, chat and have fun with friends a bit easier, I recently got our Grok Magazine participants and some Curtin students to vote for their favourite food and coffee at Curtin. The survey focused on the taste, presentation, price, quality, and quantity of the food at the outlets. The table below showcases the results of approximately 20 participants.


Survey Questions Results
Food Quality at Curtin According to the survey, 64% of the participants agreed that the food tasted moderately good and 29% reported it to be good.
Food Price About 72% of the students believed the price is slightly high and 28% felt the food sold was within a good price range.
Food Presentation 57% of the participants agreed that the food presentation was quite good while 27% of the participants reported that the food presentation was good.
Best Place for Coffee Surprisingly Concept Coffee Co was the most preferred coffee place for students with 43%, Café Basement (29%) and Mallokup (21%).
Customer Service 71% of the participants noted that the customer service at the food outlets is good.
Favourite Place to Eat 35% of the student’s favourite place to eat was the Café Basement, 24% voted for Guild Café Central and 24% went for Angazi café.

Image Credit: Tabassum Ishra

Overall, students seem to like the food at Curtin and enjoy the variety it has to offer. Food has become an important aspect of the student’s social life at University. It is what makes socialising a whole lot better. Majority of the participants liked the customer service and the friendly nature of the staff at the outlets. I personally love the layout and ambiance of the cafes, especially the Concept Café. I tend to focus better and get most of my work done along with taking aesthetic photos for Instagram. Amongst all the food places, the food trucks are a popular destination for students to go after class. According to the survey, students miss the food culture prior to Covid-19 and would love to have the food trucks and the bubble tea store back soon. Georges Kebab is a popular place amongst most of the students along with the other guild food outlets that offer discounts on their food.

Leave a comment down below about what you think about the food outlets and click on the link to find out more!



Featured Image – Illustration by Elim Kwok