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We have all heard this phrase, “Attend the orientation week for your university.” Have you ever wondered why universities or your peers and family push you to attend orientation? The answer is quite simple, in order to start a new journey and succeed in your course at university, attending the O-week can put you ahead of your peers. Often times students have this perception that orientation is boring and that attending it doesn’t serve any purpose but rather is a waste of time. This is completely untrue!

I faintly remember the first day of university, but I vividly remember my orientation week at Curtin. It’s been two years since I started my degree and I am really grateful that I decided to attend O-week. At the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to make new friends through the friend speed dating activity, choose clubs that were suited to my interest, and meet my mentors. Here are some reasons as to why you should definitely consider attending Curtin university’s orientation in 2023 and in the following years to come!

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Why Should I Attend Orientation?

  1. Introduction to your degree – attending orientation will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with your faculty, have your queries answered by your unit coordinators, learn about the university system, learn how to manage study, plan ahead and hear stories of success.
  2. Friends – On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Friend Speed Dating takes place at the Guild Undercover Courtyard (106F). This is a great opportunity for students to engage with people with similar interests.
  3. Get to know the campus – Did you know the Curtin Perth campus is an impressive 116 hectares? During the orientation week, mentors are there to guide you through the campus, classes and answer your questions specific to your degree. They will help to ensure that you are able to navigate through the campus confidently and ready on your first day. They will be there to share the best cafes, hacks and even some secret study spots.
  4. Learn about the Student Services – Curtin has a range of personal and study support services such as career consultants to help you decide the best career for you, counseling and wellbeing services, study skills workshops, Unipass, and mentors for unit-specific guidance. The guild also has information sessions for international students and
  5. The free activities, food, club vouchers – There are plenty of fun activities to take part in, from arts and crafts, yoga, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to find free food and drinks at the O-Week Welcome Lodge. Whether it’s a smoothie, hot chocolate, donuts, or pasta, we’ve got the tasty treats to keep you going through the week!

Find out everything that is happening on the O-Week website.

Image by Curtin Student Guild


Approximately 11 students voted for semester 2, orientation week, and here is what they have to say. The survey was conducted through Instagram and Facebook polls.

Survey Questions Survey Results (11 student participants)
What was your favourite activity from the orientation week this year? All students thoroughly enjoyed decorating tote bags and notebook activities. It was the highest ranked or voted amongst all the activities that took place during the orientation week.
Which was your most preferred FREE daily giveaway food item? 50% of the students liked the hot choccie, fresh fruit, cookies, and donuts. While 38% liked free notebooks, tote bags, and drink bottles and 12% liked the soups.


Which event/activity did you enjoy being part of the most 60% of those who attended the O-week enjoyed the photobooth and games the most, while 20% of them enjoyed the friend speed dating and the other 20% enjoyed joining the clubs using the vouchers.
Rate Curtin’s 2022 Orientation Week Students had a mixed perspective of the O-week. While 40% claimed it to be good, the other 40% said it was okay. The other 20% claimed it to be really good.
What was the most memorable part of the O-week for you? The most memorable part of the O-week for most students were the activities and the Freebies (50% voted). The rest voted for making friends, joining clubs and the food served.
What could we improve about the O-week next year? Students believed that the freebies could be improved (83%) and 17% of those who participated believed there should be additional information sessions covered for first-year students.

Image by Curtin Student Guild