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Transitioning to university is a big step and adjusting to the new culture, study, friends and deciding on a career path is not only challenging but also demands great effort for some. Recently I had the opportunity to interview an international student at Curtin university who made her move to Australia from India to pursue Bachelors of Commerce majoring in Business Administration. Here is Sonia’s story about moving to Australia and why she decided to make a move to Curtin University to study the course.

Why did you move to Australia?

It has always been my dream to move to Australia. I heard great things about the lifestyle here and it was something that I wanted to do to improve my life and my career. My main motive for moving here was to go to a good university and learn skills which will be beneficial for my future.

What are you studying and why are you studying this degree?

Ever since I completed my studies, I thought that pursuing my bachelors and masters in commerce would be the best option. I have always enjoyed working in an office environment and it was and has been my passion. I have heard great things about Curtin University and heard that the commerce degree is here is one of the best.

Why did you choose Curtin?

Curtin has Outstanding facilities at the university which brings together researchers, industry, government, and the community to work on many high-impact research projects. I am really happy about the fact that these can provide you with unique opportunities as a student, including access to real business and research, employer networks and new experiences.

The wide range of professional skills and challenges will help broaden my perspectives and prepare me for a career anywhere in the world. Curtin has partnerships with many institutions worldwide, like, Bankwest, BHP Billito, Chevron, CSIRO, Rio Tinto, the Water Corporation and Woodside. I would really like to study and broaden my career scope over time with industries that I really look up to.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I really would like to have a small business in the next 10 years, I would like to travel a lot and learn new things. I really want a secure career and a job that will help me get my permanent residency as soon as possible and help me settle here.