Prove your humanity

Floating endlessly in the dark 

You are the light 

That gives life and heat and

Every life bows to your


Selfless giving


Here I stand cold as ice 

With no life to give or heat to bear 

And yet they love me and reach to me like a diamond 

They paint me as soft and dark and cold 

A symbol of witches and undead and 

Nothing like you 

So warm and so reckless 


But every so often 


As we put them to bed 

Though we stretch out for miles

A space with no end

I’ll give you a soft kiss

In your warm golden light

And they’ll stare at the end of the earth with such hearts. 


If only they could see what we truly are.

No darkness 

No light 

We are one every night


Image Credit: Tabassum Ishra