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On 26 May 2021, Curtin Exchange announced its plans to open a Sinamon outlet on campus. 

After two years of construction, the café has recently opened its doors to the public. 

Located on the ground floor of B418 along Koorliny Way, Sinamon is now open seven days a week from 8am until 10pm. 

Sinamon is well-known for its exclusive cinnamon buns and pastries, delicious coffee, and on-tap butter-beer.

Besides Curtin, Sinamon also has stores in Mount Lawely, East Victoria Park and Fremantle.

Curtin University students Natalie Yeo and Haylie Ventouras are local customers of Sinamon and they share with us their personal thoughts about the new on-campus outlet. 

Image Credit: Curtin University

As she currently lives at the nearby Twin Dolphin Hall accommodation, third-year Bachelor of Arts student Natalie Yeo describes the location to be very convenient and prone to lots of foot-traffic. 

When asked about the products Sinamon provides, she notes that due to the café’s small size, a lack of variety was to be expected.

“I’ve tried the Caramel Glaze and Apple Custard rolls so far and they’re pretty okay,” Natalie says.

“They do lean on the sweeter side though, so [Sinamon] might not be for everyone.” 

Regarding the staff, Natalie expresses how their service is usually on-point.

“The staff working there are super friendly! From the couple of times that I’ve been to Sinamon, I’ve been served pretty well, so I think they’re doing the best they can.” 

Image Credit: Curtin University

Second-year Bachelor of Arts student Haylie Ventouras describes the design and structure of Sinamon to be perfect for studying or catching up with friends. 

“[Sinamon] is very convenient if you’re on the way home or going to class, being right near the central bus station,” Haylie says.

Like Natalie, Haylie states that Sinamon has a fair range of options to choose from.

“So far, the best pastry I’ve had is the Coffee Glazed one,” she says.

“My only real gripe is that the pastries displayed in the front window are all [Sinnamon] provides.”

 Despite the lack of food options, Haylie still points out how great the service is.

“The staff are lovely and only once in a while there is a slip-up,” she says. 

“That’s understandable though, since the outlet is brand new. I honestly respect the staff for working so hard, especially during exam period.” 

Image Credit: Curtin University

In terms of improvements, both Natalie and Haylie note that Curtin Exchange’s Sinamon outlet could improve by having an ‘open’ and ‘close’ sign at the door, rearranging furniture to make it seem less cluttered, and also providing prices for the cinnamon rolls they’re selling.

“I never know how much a roll costs until I’m paying for it. Usually, the price turns out to be $8.50 for a roll that’s mediocre at best,” Natalie admits.

“Honestly, I think [Sinamon] needs more time to organise itself,” Haylie adds. “Also, the prices are often hard to stomach as a working student.”

While Natalie states that Sinamon is good to try out as a one-time thing, Haylie still encourages Curtin University students to visit the café whenever they find the time. 

“[Sinamon] has a lot of charm and is honestly a good sign for what’s to come for outlets on campus.”