Prove your humanity

Curtin Student Guild has wrapped up Mental Health Week with a free sausage sizzle at the ‘Grill the Guild’ event.

Throughout the week students took part in free activities hosted by the Guild including ‘The Big Nap’, ‘Guild Lawn Games’ and ‘Pups and Pancakes’, where students played with puppies from Greyhound Adoptions WA.

Curtin Guild Vice President of Activities (VPA) Athina Hilman said the Guild had received feedback from students who said the week was a great way to unwind.

“It’s really great for students because it’s a way for them to come down with their friends, talk, and meet new friends as well,” Athina says.

“Every assignment seems to be due this week so everyone seems to be a little bit stressed and a little bit under the pump, they don’t have time to do whatever. But if we can make their day a bit brighter in 15 or 20 minutes, we [the Guild] will do it.”

Curtin Guild’s Mental Health Week. Photo: Jessica Evensen.

Earlier this year Athina, a Guild Councillor, was voted in as VPA after the previous nominee stepping down due to family issues.

“It’s weird because I didn’t expect to do this this year at all, I just thought I would be Guild Councillor,” she says.

“But to be VPA has probably been one of the most rewarding and fun jobs that I never thought I’d have.”

Whilst Athina says all of the campus events have been enjoyable, her favourites are the end of semester and start of semester bashes.

“I think the y2k [start of semester 2 party) was one of the best things I’ve seen on campus,” she says.

“We had so many people. There were lines out the door, and if there’s a line out the door that means success right? That’s going to be the one [event] that I carry with me.”

On Wednesday 11 October, Curtin Student Guild will host the Campus Pride Parade from the Atkinson Forum, outside Curtin Library.

From 12:30pm students will begin a colourful march through the campus, ending with a post-parade mingle with fellow pride enthusiasts.

On Wednesday 18 October, Curtin Student Guild will host the Global Village which will include various multicultural stalls and free giveaways.

The Guild will end the semester on 20 October with the Pasar Malam Multicultural Community Night Market which will replace the End of Semester Bash.

“That’s got 27 food stalls and lots of clubs are going to be on campus. We’re expecting 10,000 people,” Athina says.

“It’ll be really great to see people come down because the year’s not over yet. So make sure you’re engaged and come to Guild events because we’re here for you. We’re with you.”