Prove your humanity

Building your authentic self online in preparation for the work force can be difficult. Multiple challenges can arise, such as presenting yourself as ‘enough’ to appear online and be delivered to a larger audience.

Former Curtin University graduate and pioneer Paul Deuchar has come up with a way to overcome this issue with his company UseVerb.

Founded in 2016, UseVerb is a short-form communication tool for job applications, allowing job seekers to stand out and hiring companies to find prospective talents through video or voice introductions. 

UseVerb. Photo: Supplied.

With the dream that Paul envisioned as a young entrepreneur, he created UseVerb, built to bring the future of work back to human basics.

“In adult life, we spend most of our time at work, who you work with is very important to your state of mental health and future positivity, hence the value of who you are and what you seek to improve,” he says.

“A future with healthy, happy people who value each other and look forward to achieving something.”

UseVerb aims to be the start of a solution for platforms and businesses. By acknowledging the power of people, the platform allows individuals to work together as a community to “build a better forward.”

“For me, technology holds the power to transform and empower us, but it’s people who count, they make the difference and there is no substitute for hard work,” Paul says.