Prove your humanity

Melbourne indie band Dorsal Fins brought their infectious energy to Perth recently on their Digital Zodiac tour. The bands electric energy pulsed through Babushka bar, beckoning long time fans and new listeners alike. With an impressive nine members, the group broke down the barrier between stage and dance floor, creating the impression that the band and audience were grooving as one collective.

The voices of leads Ella Thompson and Jarrad Brown were a match made in heaven, performing some lovable duets. Thompson hypnotised crowds with her bright patchwork jumpsuit and whimsical girlie vocals and Brown’s high-pitched tone and dorky haircut were hard not to admire (yes, he does resemble Dumb and Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas.)

Band members fed off each other’s vigour, whilst maintaining engagement with the crowd. Confessing to some pre-show drinking, there was no need for Thompson to assure the crowd of how lit they truly were. They performed plenty of hits from the new album such as Sedated, High Low, and an extended instrumental version of Roll Back the Heels.  The latter had the bands percussionist bouncing to the ceiling while skilfully hitting every beat.

Taking requests from the tipsy front rowers, Dorsal brought back old favourite Heart On The Floor. The crowd went ecstatic when Thompson announced their final song would include two not-so-popular days of the week. Monday Tuesday lured any punters at the bar to join the party. However, like all parties, they must come to an end and Dorsal Fin’s party ended far too quickly. With an approximately 40 minute set, it wasn’t a question of whether they had enough energy left, it was a question of where they were heading after the show because the crowd was sure to follow.