Prove your humanity

The night started out with a wave of funky-jazz vibes as the soulful sounds of Teischa filled the four-walls of Jack Rabbit Slims on a cool Saturday night. Crowds mingled sparsely on the dance floor a few meters back from the barrier with punters eagerly soaking up the powerful vocals echoing throughout the venue.

As Teischa’s set came to an end, punters retreated back to the seating and bar area, eager to get in their last few drinks before the heavily anticipated Vallis Alps took to the stage. The sold-out Jack Rabbit Slims venue filled steadily during the half-hour break between sets as punters made their way back to the dance floor, waiting anxiously for the pair to gallivant down from the upstairs seating area to the stage.

Despite having two sold-out Perth shows it was not terribly hard to navigate the crowds all the way to the barrier, begging the question—why was a bigger venue not booked for the in-demand electronic duo?

As soon as the pair assumed their positions—with David Ansari behind the decks and Parissa Tosif behind the microphone—the crowd was immediately swept away into a trans-dimensional euphoria of sound. Melodic vocals intertwined with heavy drops and perfect lunar-themed graphics complimented the sounds perfectly to add another dimension to the already out-of-this-world experience.

Kicking off with a bang, Vallis Alps opened with East—a long awaited release that had already been featuring on live shows for a while.

Vallis Alps had perfectly mastered their art, producing a sound where magical vocals built harmoniously into heavy, bassy drops before masterfully pulling back into a jungle of subtle electronica. The dancefloor levitated with every hard-hitting drop: punters bounced so much so that it was near impossible to get a still camera shot.

Vallis Alps delivered a spicy mix of old and new during the mammoth hour long set. Tracks like Young, Through, Reprieve and Oh! from their first eponymous EP were warmly received. Punters reciprocated the vibes straight back to the stage, pelting out every word at a volume that contended with the stellar vocal performance of Vallis Alps front woman Parissa Tosif.

Peak intimacy was reached as the opening chords of Fading blossomed into the ears of every punter. With new EP Fable released that morning, energy levels were already running at a high. Songs from the four track EP went off, however they still struggled to achieve the same intensity of the older, more well-known material.

Vallis Alps never failed to deliver the trance inducing melodies and bouncy-bassy drops. It will be exciting to track the success of this duo following the release of their second EP.