Prove your humanity

Do you aspire to be a writer? Is there a spark of creativity hidden deep inside of you, waiting to leap out? If so, give Writing the Dream a read.

Stories of success and hardship have been collected from twenty-four emerging and established writers to form this anthology, edited and published by Karen McDermott and Monique Mulligan at Serenity Press. This small publishing house endeavours to share influential stories, and this book delivers just that.

Each chapter is a story of how a writer discovered their passion for writing, became a writer, or their personal journey to escape the publisher’s “slush pile” of manuscripts. At the end of each story there are five tips about how budding writers can achieve their writing dream.

This book delivers hope and inspiration. The reader is exposed to the writer’s world, and all the effort that goes in to producing a novel, and provides proof that a dream can be turned into a reality. Their stories are incredibly diverse too, from accidentally becoming a writer to making it onto the bestseller list, and each has their own highs and lows.

Well-known authors such as Anna Jacobs, a bestselling English novelist; Juliet Marillier, a writer of historical fantasy; and Natasha Lester, a historical novelist, are just some of the many contributors in this book. Fans of these authors who know their bestselling books can read about what inspired them to create the plot and characters of their books, and reveals how they went about publishing, whether it was traditional or self-published, and what it takes to write a book.

Overall, Writing the Dream is an easy read and will appeal to those who want to go the extra step to blossom into their career as a writer or novelist, or are having self-doubt about submitting their creative work to publishers. Even if you aren’t a writer, per se, it is still useful to learn about the writing process and the publishing industry, as well as the amount of determination and patience it takes to become a writer. These authors make it clear that it is never too late and that you have to start somewhere.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable –  all wannabe-writers should get their hands on a copy.