Prove your humanity

Jack Glass, one half of the Australian Electronic duo Bag Raiders, spoke to GROK this week about the group’s influences, future plans, and the unpredictability of the internet.


The two of you are classically trained, when and why did you decide to take more of an electronica route?

We’ve always been into electronic music but it used to be more Aphex Twin, Warp records kind of stuff. Music Has the Right to Children is probably my most listened to album of all time.

The dance music came after we’d just finished high school in Sydney and it felt like there was a real movement going on. The Bang Gang parties, Mylo, 2manydjs, we’d be going to the parties anyway because, well, they were awesome! And all our friends and everyone we knew would be there anyway. We started making edits and little bootlegs of tracks and slinging them to DJ’s we knew and it just blossomed out of that.

Did you ever think when you first got into music that you’d be playing this type of music and being as successful as you are today?

Not at all! I think we started doing it because we loved it and at some point along the way we were able to quit our day jobs and do this for a living and  lucky for us – we’re still doing that now.

What has been your favorite show so far?

I remember the Groovin the Moo shows around the time of our first album were particularly insane.  There was a Sydney Festival First Night that was also pretty full on. But I think the live shows we’re doing at the moment are more rewarding, personally, than our DJ shows.

Last year at Howler in Melbourne somehow felt really good, and just before that we played a show in SF in the states that ticked all the boxes. There was a festival in Colombia we did last year that was also a blast and a half!

What artists have been the biggest influence to your sound?

French Touch, Alan Braxe, Le Knight Club, Cut Copy, The Avalanches.

Any dream collaborations?

Seems like we keep losing dream collaborators, I don’t want to say anyone in case they die.

Where did the inspiration come from for the artwork on your latest singles?

 Aussie hero Ken Done.

Shooting Stars was released in 2009, but it’s been gaining a great deal of traction in the past few months? Did you guys ever expect something like this to happen?

 Of course not. I think it’s yet another indication of the fact that no one knows how the internet works. I mean, when you sit back and think about, it’s totally insane! But for us what’s been great is a whole new generation of kids being introduced to us and our music and all the super positive comments we’ve been getting.

I’m certain you’ve seen the majority of the memes created with your Shooting Stars track, any personal favourites?

 I like a lot of the NBA ones. They always make me laugh. And there’s been a couple of good dog ones (who doesn’t like a good dog meme). But honestly, it’s hard to go past the original. The one that started them all.

This will be your second time at Splendour In The Grass, are you excited?

Second time there but first time playing live – so like I said, in my mind, that’s way harder, more full on, more exciting, more rewarding. It’s honestly one of the best festivals in the world. We’ve been a few times just to hang out too and always loved it.

Are you going to stay for the whole weekend? Who are you keen to see?

 I think we’re going to miss a day or two because we’re playing in some other cities in Oz. To be honest I haven’t looked at my calendar yet, I generally operate on a one-day-ahead schedule. But without a doubt I’m excited to try and see LCD Soundsystem, and Stormzy too.

Can you reveal any details about your stage production for Splendour? Memes up on the big screen behind you perhaps?

There’ll be a visual element for sure. We’re actually working on that with some talented friends of ours right this minute! But I can guarantee they will be 100% meme-free.

What can we expect from you guys for the rest of the year?

 We’re touring in the US and Oz for the next three or four months. After that, fingers crossed, we’ll be launching our album out into the world. It’s been a long time coming so let’s hope it’s worth the wait!


Bag Raiders will be hitting Perth July 20 at Villa Nightclub, Northbridge.