Prove your humanity

There is a youthful vitality which emanates from Young Robin’s latest single Stay. Perhaps it denotes a stage where the band lies in its life cycle, or maybe it’s a pernicious peter pan-esque refusal to grow old, the track does ooze potential about where the band will inevitably go.

At its core, the track shines in the lead-up to the chorus where emotions are lyrically hanging on a thread and the vocal harmonies nicely illustrate the tension. However, this all gets washed away with an upbeat chorus and a catchy marching rhythm. It would be unfair to suggest this to be an oblivious psychological coping mechanism, but if the band really just did pull into the tension found in the pre-chorus, Young Robin would really be on to something.

However don’t let this deter you from checking out this band. They have a consistent sound and  promising talent. Check them out.

Young Robin’s latest single ‘Stay’ is available now to stream and download.