Prove your humanity

Perth psychedelic rockers POND brought their infectious energy to the courtyard of Fremantle Prison on Saturday night.

The World Heritage listed site was packed with young punters eagerly anticipating the arrival of one of Western Australia’s best home grown talents. As the cluster began to grow the anticipation heightened in a fog around the stage as the ‘smoking designated area’ at the back of the venue was politely ignored.

Not even a minute late the five-piece casually walked out on stage earning an eruption from the audience with no hype-up necessary. It was this confident presence—minus the ego—that makes this band so likeable and their talents even more appreciated.

Launching off with 30,000 Megatons, a lyrically grim track about the destructiveness of nuclear weapons and what humanity deserves. The track slowly built the crowd up to sing loudly along that yes, 30,000 megatons is exactly what we deserve.

Elvis’ Flaming Star picked up the pace and kicked the crowd into gear followed by a soaring rendition of Sweep Me Off My Feet leaving no time to draw breath between each track.

Performing much of the first half of their set balanced on one leg, front-man Nicholas Allbrook was a sight to see live. I’m not quite sure if it was deliberate, but a set of lights placed behind him gave Nick this glowing, saint-like halo for his sinfully unhinged, yet genius vocal performance.

The crowd was lapping up the set as POND delivered a chaotic at times, and glossy at others, mix of old and new songs. Crowd favourite Giant Tortoise from their 2013 album Hobo Rocket showcased POND’s rocky presence among their psychedelic natured tracks.

The visuals on screen silhouetted the performers and pulled you into a warp of tumbling confusion only to be brought back to life with crashing drums. Allbrook had mounted the barrier to serenade us, bridging the gap between the audience and the performers.

The Fremantle locals were stoked with their warm reception, thanking the crowd for the support many times and promising to return the energy, with Allbrook commenting at one point “I’m getting good vibes from you guys here, for a dark place … but not tonight.”

Much of the set was a battle between each punter wishing to view the performance from a heightened advantage on top of their mates shoulders before being met with vicious finger pointing from security yelling them to get the fuck down.

The band apologised for the over-zealous security and looked proud when crowd surfers were successfully thrown above the surface reflecting the amount of fun they too were having on stage.

POND glowed in triumph performing anthems Edge of the World (both part one and two) and The Weather uniting the crowd as the second part of the set melted into one ultimate jam sesh. Before you knew it a whole hour and a half had passed of pure POND-goodness and we were done serving our time. Surely the most fun any one has had in their stint at Freo Prison?