Prove your humanity

Once again, the Italian Film Festival is coming to Perth with a procession of special events and an incredible line-up of award winning pieces by talented up-and-coming Italian directors, featuring bold and star-studded talent. Founded in 2000 by Antonio Zeccola, the Italian Film Festival has gradually grown to become the largest public celebration of Italian cinema outside of Italy, and visits Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Presenting the greatest new Italian cinema, with the inclusion of special cocktail events and musical performances, the festival continues its legacy of celebrating the culture, language, and cinema of Italy in 2017.

The centerpiece for this year is Indivisible, the Venice Film Festival award-winner directed by Edoardo De Angelis. The film explores the lives of 18-year old conjoined twins Daisy and Viola, played by Angela and Marianna Fontana, with raw detail and sensitivity as they grapple with the news they can be surgically separated. The loving bond and ambitious dreams of the sisters are juxtaposed with the cruel and egotistical intentions of those that surround them, emphasising the exploitive people that often hunt those who are seen as different—embodied most shockingly through the girls’ father.

This beautifully shot and incredibly moving film is just one example of the quality and originality of this year’s festival. With comedies ranging from the laugh out loud An Almost Perfect Town—where a small ghost town must convince a city doctor to stay through an array of shenanigans in order to revive the town—to the culture clash in Ignorance is Bliss, in which two teachers, one tech-loving and one tech-phobic, battle to change their lifestyles.

There is also a vast selection of dramas all equally deserving of your attention. Coffee explores the complicated lives of a series of individuals through the morning drink that unites a nation, while Sicilian Ghost Story intertwines fairy tales with the terrifying power of the Mafia. Or, if you prefer something more light-hearted, Sea Dreaming Girls is a delightful documentary about a group of nonnas who raise funds to go to the seaside for the first time through a series of schemes—which includes posing for a fire-man-esque calendar.

Whether you need a break from the blockbusters, dream of experiencing another culture, or simply want to watch something new, the Italian Film Festival has something for absolutely everyone.


The festival is running from September 21 to October 11 at Cinema Paradiso and Luna On SX.