Prove your humanity

Fans of BOO SEEKA’s Never Too Soon album were not disappointed on Saturday night as the Sydney duo produced a set full of tracks from their debut album.

The minds behind the chill electronic team Ben “BOO” Grimbleton and Sammy “SEEKA” Croft showed that this might be their debut album but certainly not their debut tour, bringing a powerful confidence and charm to their stage presence.

Releasing three independent singles from 2015 was enough to land them a spot as a staple on festival line-ups across the country and tour overseas for the past two and a half years.

Playing to a sardine packed crowd at Capitol, the two-piece managed to turn the grimy venue into a haven for an hour thanks to rich vocals layered with guitar riffs that soared to keep the beat pushing.

Kicking off with one of their early tracks Fool, it was delivered with huge energy from the two, not what you would expect from their laid back electronic and sometimes acoustic sound. It was this commitment to the performance and maintaining energy that ensured the crowd would give nothing less back.

Argo Misty was received well but it was their rendition of their triple j hit Deception Bay that had everyone in a hurry to leave the bar and join the masses soaring along to the chorus.

Clear dance track ‘Calling Out’ showcased Croft’s versatility to meet the crowds needs and take it up a notch. The engagement between the two and the crowd dropped off in the more relaxed numbers from their album as the melancholic tunes tended to blended into one.

A polished guitar shred that drove the chorus in Gold Sail left the crowd needing more as they departed the stage.

Encore was barely yelled not even twice before they returned, BOO SEEKA clearly enjoying their selves as much as everyone else and eager to finish the set.

The boys are halfway through their tour and it was the first night in too long when they didn’t have to get on a plane the next morning. With a sleep in promised for the two the next morning they promised to party along with everyone in return for giving it all anyone had left.

We were serenading with heartbreaking yet uplifting Turn Up Your Light a slow builder that focused on raw lyrics delivered gently.

Prior to finishing off the encore they announced a really unique tradition at their live shows to get a sea of girls up on shoulders for their last song.

This announcement had girls scouting for a strong beau and reluctant guys keeping heads down, eyes on the floor before Does This Last was played to a mass of double-decker punters closing the show.

A solid set from the boys of BOO SEEKA that kept eager listeners of their new album pleased. It will take a few more runs before their new stuff is as enjoyed as their earlier works but their commitment to putting on an indulgent performance is sure to keep them remaining as a touring staple.