Prove your humanity

Personalities: they’re a bit like anuses—everyone has one. In life, you’ll be surrounded by personalities, some you can tolerate, while others may draw you to commit murder (metaphorical, this single review isn’t a confession, don’t worry WAPOL). Catharsis is often required after bearing the company of unbearable personalities for an extended amount of time, and I Can’t Take It by local artist Your Girl Pho may be just the catharsis you need.

It’s technologically soulful, accompanied with a biting wit. The off-beat drum set against the polyphonic key riffs gives off a malady that is as deft as it is defiant. Pho repeatedly croons “I can’t take it” in the intro verse, driving the feeling of common contempt for some people home.

It’s a social critique on whoever the song is aimed at, almost a dismissal of how incompatible some people are. Your Girl Pho wraps you up in a soulful malady where, in between every vocal bounce, you’re oddly re-asserting the social relationships that you made. By the end of the song you’ve deleted most of your friends on FaceBook. This reviewer needs a therapist.

I Can’t Take It is a really cool track, that even fives off some vague Estelle vibes.  It’s a bold effort from Your Girl Pho and it’s undoubtedly exciting to see what she will make next.

Your Girl Pho’s latest single I Can’t Take It is now available to stream download.