Prove your humanity

If you’ve been following #LibSpill for the past few days, you’ll know what a mess our currently self-obsessed parliament has gotten themselves into. You’ll know that Labor has basically been handed the next election on a silver platter, and you’ll know that Scott “ScoMo” Morrison is our new Prime Minister; the seventh in the past 11 years. Remember that one dude who brought a lump of coal into Parliament? That’s Morrison.

“On this side of the house you will not find a fear of coal,” he said at the time.You may also be aware that Lee Lin Chin is now perhaps our only hope.

Who is Scott Morrison?

Scott Morrison was the Liberal Party’s Treasurer, previously the Minister for Social Services (2014–15), and the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (2013–14) prior to that. He is now Australia’s 30th Prime Minister.

His actions as a politician speak volumes.

Morrison voted “no” during the marriage equality postal vote last year, and is a proponent of “religious freedom”.

Unsurprisingly, advocates of the LGBTQIA+ community are wary of his appointment. In a statement released to media, just.equal spokesperson Rodney Croome said their message to ScoMo was that “LGBTI people are Australians too”.

“As Prime Minister, he has a duty to look after our welfare and protect our rights along with all other Australians,” Croome elaborated.

“We hope Mr Morrison will govern for all Australians, and not use ‘religious freedom’ as an excuse to erode equal rights and protections for LGBTI Australians.”

Croome’s organisation aren’t alone in raising concern about the new leader of our country.

Universities Australia made a statement about funding for higher education, and it’s effect for the economy.

This is likely because, last year, Morrison gutted funding from universities—along with welfare payments for new migrants and paid parental leave.

He also helped orchestrate $65bn in corporate tax cuts, and reinstated Centrelink’s robo-debt strategy—a system that has previously caused over 20,000 people to be charged for debts that they do not owe.

And, since he’s a fan of coal (as you may have gathered) concern has been raised about whether or not any policies against climate change will occur under his leadership.

Refugee advocacy groups have voiced their concern too. Refugee Action Coalition Group spokesperson Ian Rintoul said that Morrison “has a very black record as immigration minister”, presiding over “horrors” in offshore detention facilities.

His actions against refugees and asylum seekers, characteristic of the Liberal party, have been labelled vile and inhumane.

He was the instigator of Australia’s offshore detention policies: Operation Sovereign Borders. These policies have been reported on as breach of international law, abuse of the fundamental human right to seek asylum, and the cause of incalculable trauma to families and children who are currently trapped in offshore detention indefinitely.

ScoMo has accused refugee rights advocates of encouraging asylum seekers to self-harm, and refused to apologise. He lied about the actions of refugees in a riot in which 70 people were injured and Reza Berati, an Iranian man, was killed. Morrison blamed the riot for Berati’s death, and took no responsibility for being one of the individuals who tried to delay asylum seekers in obtaining permanent protection visas.

He also praised Trump’s “Muslim ban” immigration policy, saying to 9 News radio host Ray Hadley that “Really, the rest of the world is catching up to Australia”.

But not everyone is worried about the country in Morrison’s hands, the Australian Christian Lobby (who stated that being gay is more hazardous than smoking, and that same-sex couples having children will lead to another stolen generation) have endorsed him.

How #LibSpill happened in the first place

It all started on Tuesday, when Malcolm Turnbull declared the Liberal leadership vacant at a party room meeting. Dutton put his hand up for the job, but lost 48 to 35, after which he resigned as Home Affairs Minister. Dutton’s resignation caused the resignations or offered resignations of ten other Liberal frontbenchers.

Turnbull was sure this was the last if it, but another challenge was called on Thursday by Dutton, and two more frontbenchers offered resignations. Dutton’s challenge was refused by Turnbull, but on Friday Dutton managed to produce a petition with 43 Liberal MPs calling for a meeting. Julie Bishop entered the ring but, after the votes were drawn, ScoMo came out on top, defeating Dutton 45 to 40. Josh Frydenberg was elected deputy Liberal Leader, replacing Bishop.

What’s going to happen now?

There’s speculation about another election in the next few months (which the Liberals deny), and Turnbull’s seat in Wentworth, Sydney is going up for a by-election.

In a speech, Morrison said some arguably bizarre things, including that the “best form of welfare is a job”. Drought recovery was an immediate priority, though this action will doubtfully address the problem at the source—anthropogenic climate change.