Prove your humanity

Note: On-campus voting runs today to September 20. 


This year there are 12 candidates vying for seven National Union of Students delegate positions.

The NUS are the peak representative body for students across Australia, campaigning for accessible and equitable education. It is their role to ensure that students are heard by parliamentarians.

Opposing cuts to higher education, demanding better welfare for students and rallying against sexual violence on campuses are among the organisations numerous efforts.

Curtin’s delegates will attend the NUS’ National Conference, the organisations’ highest decision-making body, which is held in December of each year. They will contribute to determining the policy of the NUS, and their National and State Officer Bearers for the coming year.

Given the imperative of the NUS, it is important to consider the candidates.

So, Grok asked each of the  nominees for “a sentence that sells them”.

In no particular order:


Dylan Heywood (Illuminate): “If I get elected as NUS delegate I will steal the bench that blocks the koi pond jump.”

Scott Sandon (Left Action): We’re facing national attacks so we need to link up with activists nationwide to build a united fightback!

Bridge Truell (Illuminate): “I want to use my role as a student and activist to improve the university experience for my fellow students.”

Chris Hall (Illuminate):“I consider myself an advocate for all students, and I will continue to fight for their rights nationally and at Curtin.”

Lydia Berhan (Illuminate): “As NUS delegate, I will ensure that our values of respect, fairness and equality are championed on a national level.”

Nicola Gulvin (Illuminate): “Hi there! My names Nicola, and I want to make sure you are being represented campus and nation wide!”

Hana Arai (Illuminate): “Want to see a national student union that is progressive, inclusive and sustainable? Vote Hana Arai for NUS Delegate!”

Alexis Vassiley (Left Action): “NUS needs real independence from the government, whether Liberal or Labor.”

Michael Farrell (Illuminate): “As NUS delegate, I will have a chance to represent YOUR interests as a Curtin student and keep Education standards high!”

Fabian Yarran (Independent): “NUS delegate that looks after students physical, emotional and spiritual development; and sporting activities as with educational activities.”

Richard Birchall (Left Action): “Left action are experienced activists who are proud to fight for the rights of refugees, indigenous people and against islamophobia.”

Erin Russell (Left Action): “NUS fought for marriage equality, refugee rights and stopped $100,000 degrees because left-wing activists like us argued that it should.”



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