Prove your humanity

Note: On-campus voting runs today to September 20. 


This year there are 36 candidates vying for 10 Guild Councillor positions at the Curtin Student Guild.

The Guild is responsible for representing the interests of students; they liaise with the University on a number of matters, including proposed alterations to the academic calendar and policies surrounding sexual violence on campus.

Further, they manage many of the food and beverage outlets on campus (like the Tav and Vege Patch) and a number of events on campus (like Market Day, the Queer Disco and End of Sem Bash). And they facilitate the hundred-some clubs at Curtin and run Student Assist—a free, confidential support service that offers students advice on academic, financial, and personal matters.

The elected Councillors will occupy the majority of the Guild Council, which is the governing authority managing the Guild’s affairs.

Voting is important, but the sheer number of candidates to consider may be overwhelming.

So, Grok asked each of the nominees for “a sentence that sells them”.

In no particular order:


Dylan Botica (Feudalist Alternative): “Cabbage for all, protection from UWA, gaol Protestants.”

Scott Sandon (Left Action): “Students deserve a democratic guild and Left Action will continue this year’s fight to protect democracy from Illuminate’s attacks.”

Erin Russell (Left Action): “The Guild needs proven, dedicated activists with a track record of organising protests and standing up to the university administration.”

De-anne Foley (Illuminate): “I want to maintain our balanced student life, but the goal is to make it better for us all.”

Beatrice A. Panganiban (Illuminate): “Let me help you create the campus experience you’ve always thought of; we’ll make your time at Curtin worthwhile.”

Kearyn Cox (Illuminate): “I want use my position to ensure that more people get involved with the Centre of Aboriginal Studies.”

Caroline Sabater (Illuminate): “I’m studying International Relations and I’m passionate about women’s issues, and so is Illuminate.”

Zuhra Abshir (Illuminate): “I’m running because I want to empower diverse and marginalised voices by fighting for a fair and equitable Curtin.”

Ethan Ryan (Illuminate): “Vote for me to ensure that Curtin remains the second-best university in WA.”

Adam Parson (Illuminate): “As current Activities VP, I will continue to support a strong and safe events and clubs culture on campus.”

Lachlan Lee (Illuminate): “I love the community at Curtin and I’d love to see it grow to better fit the needs of students.”

Katie Hutchings (Illuminate): “As a Guild Councillor I will advocate for an educational, inclusive, sustainable and exciting campus culture for all!”

Fatma Sehic (Illuminate): “I want to listen to your experiences and bring those forward, not just advocate for what matters to me.”

Kaizan Balm (Illuminate): “I was part of team that led the charge to successfully change the Tav chips back to their original glory.”

Elly Bijlsma (Illuminate): “As a former Women’s Officer I believe we need a respect module, and only Illuminate can deliver that.”

Caitlin Skamp (Illuminate): “As a Guild Councillor I will fight for our right to quality affordable education.”

Michael Perry (Illuminate): “I want to represent you: events, cheaper parking, no trimesters, better education—I’ll fight for these and fight for you.”

Mia Arai (Illuminate): “If you’re about great student experiences, accessibility to Curtin facilities, and supporting student welfare, I’m the girl for the job!”

Jesse Naylor Zambrano (Illuminate): “After an unforgettable uni experience? Me too, what’s up. I gotchu. That’s a Jesse Z guarantee or your money back.”

Dylan Heywood (Illuminate): “If I get elected I will steal the bench that blocks the koi pond jump.”

Caitlin Egloff-Barr (Left Action): “Left Action will continue fighting trimesters with a public pressure campaign— compromising with the university behind closed doors won’t win!”

Shaun Reynolds (Illuminate): “Curtin sold off our housing; vote to keep their hands off our Tav, cafes, and the salty boys.”

Luke Sutherland (Illuminate): “Illuminate, to me, means a guild that looks out for all students and leaves a positive impression.”

Connie Martelli (Illuminate): “As Guild Councillor, I promise to fight for quality education, healthy campus culture and amazing services that every student deserves.”

Katelyn Colson (Illuminate): “I want to improve the quality of life for students, protect our education, and ensure Curtin is fair for all.”

Charlotte Wooldridge (Illuminate): “Having spent a fair bit of time, in and around campus, I am familiar with the issues that students face.”

Vishal Thirumalaisami (Illuminate): “As the current Business and Law Representative I would be proud to continue to provide that voice on Guild Council.”

Micha Gartz (Illuminate): “As part of Illuminate, I will ensure that the university continues to provide and improve counselling and disability support services.”

Ethan Calleja (Illuminate): “I’m here to help students succeed in every way possible by making the best Curtin experience for all.”

Tess MacGregor (Illuminate): “I believe students from all walks of life should be represented by their Guild; this is my number one priority.”

Tim Adams (Illuminate): “Cheaper parking, meaningful events, better food. Just some of the things I will be advocating for us, the students.”

Christine Howells (Illuminate): “I want to ensure that there are a variety of events that cater for everyone.”

Nicola Gulvin (Illuminate): “Hi there! My names Nicola, and I want to make sure you are being represented campus and nation-wide!

Nick Latella (Illuminate): “I will ensure that everyone on campus feels included and apart of the community.”

Melinda Perks (Illuminate): “I want to fight for an inclusive, green, safe, entertaining and affordable campus, and keep Curtin fair for students.”

Julien Ranguetat (Illuminate): “I want to listen to your experiences and bring those forward, not just advocate for what matters to me.”


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