Prove your humanity

Note: On-campus voting runs today to September 20. 


This Guild election there are three political parties and a single independent running for numerous positions on Guild Council.

Illuminate have already won, by default, 11 of the 15 Guild Officer Bearer positions—which includes the Presidency.

This leaves Education Vice President, Faculty of Science and Engineering Representative, Faculty of Humanities Representative, and Indigenous Officer to be decided by democratic vote.

A total of 36 candidates have been nominated for ten Guild Councillor positions. Of these, 32 represent Illuminate, three represent Left Action, and a single nominee represents Feudalist Alternative.

Seven delegate positions for the National Union of Students were contested by a single independent, seven Illuminate and four Left Action candidates.

Understanding the various political platforms is essential for voting.

So, Grok reached out to each party and the independent candidate for statements.

In no particular order:



Illuminate’s candidates are dedicated to achieving outcomes for Curtin students. Our NUS Delegates will work towards a National Union that is progressive, transparent and accountable. Our Councillors have a wide variety of interests and experiences as students, so you can trust that Illuminate is fit to represent all corners of the campus. As a team, we will advocate for a fully funded and accessible educational experience where students are prioritised over profit. Education is our biggest priority, but what sets us apart is that we have the experience, dedication and a diverse team that allows us to focus on all areas of the university experience. We are dedicated to creating a safer university, with properly funded counselling and disability services, events that are bigger and better than ever, and a student union that is financially and environmentally sustainable for the future.

Feudalist Alternative:

Feudalism is making a big return, let’s face it everything was better under divine rule from Lord Liam O’Neill Esquire. For too long Left Action has been pushing for a “Socialist Alternative”. What people really want is cabbage, protection and free parking for their mules. We all know the enlightenment was a huge mistake; we’re urging all Curtin students to vote for protection and peace under Feudalist Alternative.

Left Action:

Left Action is a group of experienced, left-wing activists. The primary role of student unions is to defend students whenever university decisions go against their interests, such as course and staff cuts. Since universities are businesses and Vice Chancellors their (exorbitantly paid) bosses, these are recurring and must be fought every time, without compromise. It harms students to prioritise a positive relationship with the university administration; only public campaigns that involve students to pressure the university can stop the crumbling of our education quality. We’re unique in this approach and have proven ourselves in action. This year we led the campaign against cuts to arts courses by informing students, proving their unpopularity and forcing the issue onto guild council. We’re the only ones who have always had a firm stance against trimesters and organised the only protest against them. Our Guild needs to take this approach now more than ever.

Fabian Yarran (Independent):

This year I hope to be elected as Indigenous Officer so I can improve Indigenous transition, retention and completion rates of lndigenous students, create good space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to come to support Indigenous issues at university, and for any Indigenous students who felt the pressure of racial discrimination to continue to take the moral high road. I am approachable and open minded with a genuine concern for Indigenous student’s welfare.


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