Prove your humanity

Picture this: you’re sitting by the pool and the warm sun is shining down on your back. You close your eyes and find yourself bopping along to the summery tune blasting from the radio…

That’s how it feels to listen to Alice Ivy’s new fun-filled track Close To You.

The Melbourne-based producer released the new song last Friday and it’s a perfect track to end the summer with. It’s jammed full of the electro-pop dance beats and synths that Alice Ivy has made a name for herself with. Ivy’s bubbly production skills pair well with Flint Eastwood’s charming vocals to create the ultimate pop beat for a pool party.

From the second the first beat comes in with “Bad dreams, t-shirt, gold chain, you’re gonna be bad news”, you can tell it’s going to be a catchy tune. The uplifting electro-beat is one you can’t help but bop your head and tap your foot along to.

Picking up the pace in the chorus, Ivy’s smooth synths create a feel-good, dreamy vibe that is perfectly complemented by pop-princess Flint Eastwood’s vocals. The chorus feels like it was made to be blasted at a summer pool party; how could you not love a tune like that?

Alice Ivy and Flint Eastwood struck a chord and bonded at Falls Festival early last year marking the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Close To You is the brainchild of their collaboration from March 2018 when they got together in Eastwood’s Detroit studio to create the track, blessing our ears with musings about a progressing relationship.

Close To You is a tune that will get stuck in your head for days—you’ll have no choice but to add it to your most recent playlist.

Although this tune makes me reminisce about the warmer summer days, Alice Ivy will be heading Perth’s way in June later this year. She’s just one of the many Australian artists on the line-up for At First Sight, a new mini-festival taking place over the WA Day long weekend. Headlined by Australia’s favourites Ball Park Music, this night will be something Aussie music lovers won’t want to miss. Joining Alice Ivy on the line-up is Tia Gostelow, as well as WA’s own Mosquito Coast and Spacey Jane.

The mini-festival will span two well-loved Fremantle venues, The Newport Hotel and Metropolis Fremantle with more acts to be announced.

Check out a tune from each of the bands below.