Prove your humanity

Powerhouse. That’s the phrase I would use to describe Perth muso Carla Geneve. She’s already won the hearts of many with her two tracks, Listening and Greg’s Discount Chemist, and has climbed her way up the ladder of my favourite local acts to watch.

2001 is Geneve’s latest song, released last Thursday—a gritty stripped-back track that explores finding comfort in the past. Geneve makes references to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as science fiction books as an attempt to return to the feeling of escapism she got when reading and watching old movies as a child.

The track is a comforting and nostalgic look at loneliness and growing up that is filled with vulnerability, tenderness and confidence. Accompanied by 2001’s mellow instrumentals, Geneve’s powerful vocals are given the chance to truly shine on this track, and she shows off her impressive ability to convey emotion through her songwriting skills.