Prove your humanity

Beach House took to the stage at Chevron Gardens for Perth Festival last Thursday night and provided an angelic performance that transported us to somewhere else. From the minute Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally stepped onstage, joined by touring drummer James Barone, to the moment they left, Chevron Gardens entered a dreamlike world of its own—a world of Beach House.

Mosquito Coast was the perfect support act for a night of dream pop as they opened the evening with their dreamy indie tunes. Frontwoman Naomi Robinson was sporting the most bedazzled guitar I have ever seen, decked out with sparkly gems and bows. Their breezy guitar-driven pop got the crowd excited for the evening ahead as they played tracks from their upcoming album. The band drew a considerably large crowd once they started playing and although their set was cut one song short, they hit the nail on the head with the crowd favourite Call My Name and their latest track Sweet Talking.

The stage darkened and then the lights began to flash… we had entered the dream world.

Beach House kicked off the evening of vivid dream pop with Levitation, which transported us to another world. Next up was the bubbling introduction of Lazuli, which was accompanied by a beautiful and mesmerising lighting set.

The smooth and calming PPP from Depression Cherry began and the excitement throughout the crowd was clear. PPP filled the venue with a feeling of euphoria as everyone swayed along with a smile on their face. Beach House curated a brilliant setlist, beginning with unrushed and mellower tunes before incorporating more flair towards the end in tracks like Sparks.

Bloom received great appreciation as an album when Myth was played. Legrand’s angelic vocals made punters feel at home and a new level of peace throughout the song. Next came Girl of the Year, another well-loved track from 7.

The highlight of the evening was the much-anticipated Space Song—a song with a special place in everyone’s hearts regardless of what their other favourites are. Space Song is the ultimate dream-pop tune and, accompanied by the vivid blue lighting display, it blew me away.

Lemon Glow, another track from 7, marked the finale of the 15-song set. The band was illuminated by a purple hue and accompanied by the mesmerising black and white tessellating background that matched the YouTube video for the song. Beach House kept the wait for the encore short and sweet and jumped right back in with Dive.

The lighting throughout the evening was as spectacular as the set itself and was hypnotic in the way it constantly kept the audience’s attention. As a band with such an extensive discography to choose from, the set list was a good attempt at satisfying what all fans wanted to hear—although the older albums did not receive as much playing time as some might have wished for.

Legrand’s final goodbye was “see you in the future”, and to that, I say the future couldn’t come quicker.