Prove your humanity

“International Women’s Day is a day where we, as women, get to come together globally and celebrate our social, economic, cultural and political achievement. It is a day we get to celebrate how far we have come but also empower each other for the journey which still lies ahead in terms of gender equality.”

Every year on March 8, we celebrate the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

The first International Women’s Day on March 1911 saw millions of men and women take to the streets, demanding that women be granted the right to vote, to work and hold public office and end discrimination in the workplace.

Leading up to International Women’s Day I sat down to talk with the Guild’s new 2019 Women’s Officer, Kate Le Roux, about what IWD means to her.

For her, it’s a great reason to catch up with friends and family and talk about powerful and inspiring women.

As a Women’s Officer, Kate is responsible for representing the issues that women at Curtin face on and off campus. Her role is to identify and respond to issues relevant to Curtin women as well as run and support campaigns, events or activities that aim to achieve gender equality. Part of this involves maintaining communication with national student organisations, sitting on university committees or boards, and giving input on behalf of the female student community.

It was after her first year studying at Curtin University that Kate was attracted to the role of Women’s Officer.

“I wanted to get more involved with the student experience and making a difference.”

Already being involved with several clubs, volunteer organizations and committees, Kate says she felt that taking on the role genuinely felt like the next step.

“I knew I wanted to help students in some way, and as a woman who has always been passionate about female empowerment the glove just fit too perfectly.”

In terms of issues on campus, here is what Kate hopes to achieve over the next year:

  •  Work towards finishing and mandating the sexual consent module
  •  Hold a BBQ to meet and greet students, and provide them with info about the goals of the Women’s Department and how we can help them
  •  Re-decorate the Women’s Department Office to make it more inviting
  •  Potentially hold a conference for students where successful female Curtin alumni can share their stories
  •  Potentially hold a safe-sex workshop

If you’d like to celebrate with Kate and the Curtin Student Guild, they will be hosting an International Women’s Day Event on Friday on the Vege Patch Lawn.

And if you have an issue that you feel like the Women’s Department should know about or should address, let them know by emailing, they are there to help represent your voice on campus.