Prove your humanity

If you’re on the lookout for a new pop tune to blast, this is most definitely the song for you.

Your Girl Pho’s latest track Five Thirty PM is a funky pop song with a cool and collected vibe that contrasts its content material.

The song delves into the pressure of a new job and transitioning into adulthood and all the expectations that come with it. Pho told Amplify she wrote the track two years ago when social media made her feel like everyone else was ‘getting it’ and things weren’t coming together for her as quickly as she hoped they would. The song references a stressful and dark period where she would ‘sometimes [not] get out of bed ’til 5.30pm’ and addresses worries most young adults can identify with.

Your Girl Pho’s vocals come across as casual and almost conversational in Five Thirty PM. Her voice is strong and confident against the background beats and although the track is a different twist on her usual sound, her smooth and soulful vocals are still present and drive the track along.

The chorus synths deliver a special sparkle to the track and work to create a relatable hit from Your Girl Pho.