Prove your humanity

Perth powerhouse Carla Geneve has released her latest track, Yesterday’s Clothes—a strong rock ballad full of authentic emotion.

Yesterday’s Clothes is another slower and raw track from Geneve, following on from her previous single, 2001. Throughout the track she muses over the experience of falling out of love with someone and feeling guilty about it: ‘I’ve been wondering would you sleep better without me’.

Carla Geneve has been one of my favourite Perth acts ever since I saw her open for Alex Lahey back in October 2017, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to catch her play at more gigs than I can count. I really admire her unique ability to create beautiful and moving lyrics and transport the audience inside her head with her grungy vocals.

Geneve’s soft and sincere vocals drive the song along, but it’s her confidence in her vulnerability that makes it such a beautiful song to experience live. She’s stripped herself back and is being completely open and honest with feeling sad and unsure—something listeners will be sure to enjoy and most likely relate to.

‘All the best songs are sad’, Geneve croons and in this case, she is correct.