Prove your humanity

As a celebration of a successful Australian tour promoting his new EP, Because Its Summer, Perth up-and-comer Jaycee took the stage at the YMCA HQ for a one-off performance for his O.G. fans. Jaycee’s crew AKA the ‘Young Team’ picked the perfect place for an intimate gig, ensuring under 18’s didn’t miss out on yet another performance.

While walking into the venue, I was greeted by Jaycee’s charismatic manager, Nic, at work filling the demand for the exclusive and limited Young Team t-shirts that were advertised prior to the event. Stock flew off the shelf and straight onto the torsos of fans representing this epic movement, while they proceeded to the dancefloor where DJ Redwolf played a warm up set with tracks from the likes of Wycleaf Jean, Lil Pump, Travis Scott, and J.I.D.

A side note, I had never seen Jaycee live before. I came to this gig with the expectation that I would be watching him hold a mic for an hour while DJ Redwolf played some tracks. It’s not a negative point, I still enjoy that, but there was a drumkit, electric guitar and an amplifier on stage. I wondered why the items hadn’t been cleared off the stage. It soon all made sense.

As soon as the music volume lowered, and the intro track played, the crowd erupted, chanting “JAYCEE! JAYCEE…” while DJ Redwolf announced the artist and drummer, Mitch onto the stage. This short, bass-fuelled instrumental track served as Jaycee’s ‘walk out’ music, adding a unique touch to this small gig. Details like this may seem almost insignificant, but they can take performances to a whole other level.

Jaycee didn’t any waste time, jumping into the opening track Ain’t No One (Killing My Vibe), a high-octane banger setting the energy benchmark for the night. Time to Go, another crowd favourite was up next.

Mitch was on the drums, playing over track instrumentals and multiplying the energy in the venue, a common occurrence for the night. Is this what “adding fuel to the fire” means? Because that’s the only way I can explain it, unless you watched my Snapchat stories.

Jaycee soon picked up the electric guitar for Because It’s Summer, one of the few songs played live on the night, giving a different and more organic feeling to the original track. It’s the kind of song you’d use on the GoPro videos of your summer adventures. He also performed Love the Drugs, this time getting the crowd mellow with the music and nothing else. To be fair, it was April 20, and I can feel you giggle as you read that.

Change was my personal favourite with the simple and straight-to-the-point lyrics about Jaycee’s come up in the industry. He raps about “playing the [Murray] streets for change”, a place where a lot of local musicians started before moving on to play on actual stages. He still does this to remind himself where he started.

Crowd interaction was at an all-time high, with a few fans from the audience joining the performers on stage to show off their dance skills to Alright Alright. The faster tempo and afrobeats inspired track, again boosted by the live percussions, is another example of why live musicians, like Mitch, are a great addition to any performance.

High of The Thrill, LaLa and Feeling Good, from the Because It’s Summer EP, were obvious additions to the track list and were received well with the audience, singing the lyrics. Special mention to Feeling Good—the track’s catchy and well-known hook got the crowd shouting the lyrics. Yes, this included me! Jaycee had some time to drop an unreleased exclusive too with motivational track Proud, another banger he will release in May.

Closing the performance, Jaycee performed Fire with old school hip hop inspired instrumentals and demonstrated some ‘Fire’ lyrical skills. These were my exact words towards the end of the song: “Man’s got flow!”

As any audience would, fans shouted for “one more track” as Jaycee walked off stage. Having exhausted his ammo in the past hour, Jaycee walked back out and performed another unreleased track, to really end the night this time, called Fun with Me. Wow, what a performance that was!

After all this, the best part of this event was that I had the opportunity to have a chat to Jaycee’s amazing parents, decked out in Young Team apparel and supporting him with the rest of the audience. They talked of his musical background, incredible mindset, persistence and work ethic. The well prepared and rehearsed performance from Jaycee and the rest of Young Team clearly showed this.

While going through his diverse portfolio of music on the night, punters could notice the self-produced artist had a unique way of fusing Hip Hop and RnB along with glimpses of rock, soul, and reggae genres to name a few. Add some epic live electric guitar skills and a quality drummer and you get to witness a new dimension of Jaycee’s music. You cannot stream a performance like this on your smartphone!

Jaycee isn’t just a rapper. He is also a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper and a guitarist. You can add quality performer to the list too.


Jaycee will released his new single, Proud on streaming platforms on May 6. Find Jaycee and Young Team on all major social media, music streaming platforms and YouTube.