Prove your humanity

Did you know there is country music in Glasgow? One young troubled woman is at the centre of the scene in this musical dramedy, Wild Rose. For those of you who don’t like country music, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it in this film. However, there is also a lot more to love in this story about a checked-out mum trying to make her dreams come true. Although it sounds like a story that’s been told time and time again, refreshing movie will have you boot scooting out of the cinema.

The film begins as country enthusiast Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley) leaves jail, cowboy boots and fringe leather jacket in tow. The only thing she really wants to do after leaving prison is to realise her dream as a country singer and travel to Nashville. Of course, it is not that simple. Obstacles stand in her way as she struggles to fit back into her own life, as well as her kids’. She takes a job as a housekeeper and befriends the woman of the house who, bizarrely, finds inspiration in Rose-Lynn and tries to help her achieve her dream.

Jessie Buckley is the standout in this film in the lead role, shining as the country music fanatic bent on going to Nashville and realising her dreams. Buckley’s husky voice and her passion is what separates these songs from sitting in the cringe box. There are a few frustrating times in the film—as she seems to be the only one standing in the way of her goals—that had me thinking, ‘No one would ever do that’. Yet, Buckley’s performance was so charming and heartwarming, that I stuck by and barracked for her until the very end.

I was left with both a strong desire to download the soundtrack from Spotify and a new-found interest in country music. Wild Rose managed to convert me, which is a testament to the moving and touching songs throughout. The essence of the music is perfectly summed up the catch phrase tattooed on Rose-Lynn’s arm: three cords and the truth. The lyrics of every song are beautiful, leading you to think about life—some had me on the verge of tears. Films about singers can be difficult to watch, as often the songs are too corny and don’t move you like they should. I kept waiting for this moment to occur––in parts it nearly did––but the songs and performances managed to steer my emotions in the right direction.

At its heart, Wild Rose is an uplifting story about a mother struggling against the odds; she isn’t perfect but it is her imperfections that make her so dynamic and believable on screen. Julie Walters plays Rose-Lynn’s long-suffering mum, who is tasked with picking up the slack when Rose-Lynn is off chasing her dreams and getting into trouble. Walters and Buckley bring their mother-daughter relationship to a level that feels real and relatable.

This musical dramedy has spirit, love, frustration, and sadness, however, it also has an unbeatable soundtrack that supports this honest family story. If it’s not already, put Wild Rose on your watch list, and don’t forget your cowboy boots.

Wild Rose is out in cinemas today!