Prove your humanity

Between a busy schedule, Lili Kendall found time to chat to Grok about her upcoming single and music video, love, herself.

You moved to LA a few years ago to pursue music. What’s the music scene like over there compared to Australia?

I can’t say I spent too much time in the Australian music industry to be an expert on it, but I guess it just feels bigger? Still just as cliquey though.


Was it difficult to find your footing at first?

Yes. Just a lot of self-doubt, I needed to figure myself out as a human and woman before I could do so as an artist and writer.


Your latest single, love, herself came out in late April. It’s a beautiful song that feels so light and airy, almost heavenly. I love the notion that love is ‘herself’ rather than ‘itself’. Where did the idea for the track come from?

It was just a natural progression of the writing progress. I was originally singing “itself” and something just clicked that made me change it to “herself”. I think love, and all it involves is a very soft yet strong feminine energy.


Where do you take inspiration from in your writing?

Everything that happens within and around me.


We don’t often hear happy songs about love, but you seemed to nail it in love, herself. What was the writing process like for it?

I don’t often write happy songs about love, so it was just as shocking for me. The writing process was like any other… I turned up to the studio, all of us in the room were in conversation about life, and when we started to create it just flowed out of us.


The video turned out amazing! It captured the happiness and peace emanating from the song in the rose-tinted dreamy world perfectly. What was it like working with Cole Needham on the video clip?

It isn’t often you meet people you click with and create art so effortlessly right from the beginning, so I’m very grateful for Cole and the collective of people that helped create this video with me. You will definitely be seeing more art created by us!


I love the description for the video clip, “bringing light to the divine feminine in not only every being but every atom, the collective energy that is love, herself”. Tell me more about this.

Femininity is not necessarily Female. It’s just that energy within and around us all, the essence of life, the divinity at each of our core, and the thing that makes us all love. It’s important to find your own way to connect with her and make it a practice.


What can we expect next from you?

Have no expectations, be ready to grow with me!


Love, herself is out now.