Prove your humanity

Semester two looms ahead like a dark grey cloud that grows larger and larger as we progress through the week. It’s easy to find yourself in a funk when it’s back-to-school season and there’s no better cure than a good track. The Spring Peak’s latest single, Are You Strong Enough?, off their new EP is the perfect indie-pop tune to bring out the sunshine and chase your blues away.

Are You Strong Enough? creates a feeling of nostalgia, a longing for something I can’t quite put my finger on. This is nothing new for the band, it frequently evokes feelings of youthful nostalgia with its music. It’s a simple, feel-good Australiana track with a sense of authenticity and rawness in the delivery of the vocals—it’s almost conversational as if listening to a friendly chat.

After a dodgy ankle injury, the Spring Peaks are out of action for live performances for around six weeks, so you have plenty of time to get used to this tune.