Prove your humanity

Singing polar bears, live music and insane balancing acts, Precarious is a 70-minute non-stop journey through the icy plains of Antarctica. Inspired by the spectacular energies and colours of the Aurora Australis, the Circus Oz ensemble put on an extraordinary show at their opening night. Combining theatrics, acrobatics, comedy and traditional circus acts, the theatre’s atmosphere was electric as gasps, laughs and applause filled the room over the course of the night.

Hazy fog seeped out from under the red curtain as it rose to reveal the set and the performers. Dressed in white leotards and leggings, each individual shimmered against the vibrant blue and teal tones of the stage lights. The show began with a group floor routine, tumbling and jumping around the stage. Using blocks as props (supposedly representing icebergs), the choreography was brilliant; it looked to be dizzying work but no one ever crashed into each other––their timing was always on point.

A highlight of the show was the live music––played by the Circus Oz band––which accompanied each of the acts. Musicans Jeremy Hopkins and Selene Messinis are incredibly talented, capable of playing a variety of instruments and styles of music. From drums and keyboard, to jazz and thrash metal, the duo added authenticity to the performance with the music perfectly in sync with the performers.

The rest of the show included aerial stunts, foot-juggling and a Chinese pole routine––and that’s just to name a few. Each performer had the chance to showcase their talent and expertise in the Circus Arts and were equally stunning and incredibly strong. It’s always a joy to watch gymnasts and acrobats bend their bodies in unnatural ways; regardless of the amount of upper body strength needed, the performers make it look so easy!

Precarious exposes the fragility that exists between humanity and nature through the storytelling that each individual act brings. The icy theme shows how the inhospitable can be turned into the possible, displaying underlying messages of the melting ice caps and how humans can create chaos in the natural world—relevant to the happenings of the modern world.

The unique and inventive acts that unfold before the audience’s eyes are completely mesmerising: even if you think you’ve attended a circus with the same tricks, I can assure you, Circus Oz takes it to a whole new level.

The final act was the trapeze: an upbeat and jaw-dropping routine which consists of the performers flinging and swinging themselves into the air. Fast-paced and executed with grace, it was an entertaining close to the show.

Circus Oz has been presenting its self-crafted performances to audiences around Australia and the world for 40 years. It’s exceptional to see extraordinary talent and breathtaking stunts which have originated from Australia.

Precarious is the perfect title for the show: the acts are dangerously likely to collapse (or are they?) and are full of uncertainty––just like the state of our environment.


Perfect for all ages, you can catch Precarious at His Majesty’s Theatre until July 28!

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