Prove your humanity

Soy, almond, oat, rice, dairy—there’s an array of milk out there to choose from, but our pick this week is Melbourne indie rockers Mylk and their latest single Not My Fault.

Not My Fault is a simple release by the band that plays with the idea of being a bit of a bad luck magnet. The cheeky and light-hearted personality of the band comes through strong with this track, especially in the accompanying video clip. Lead vocalist Nathaniel Peacock’s voice is calming and endearing, and the driving bassline and subtle percussion work to create something light and fun.

The band’s frontman Nathaniel Peacock said the tune was inspired by its simple melody; the lyrics about being a bad luck magnet were the last element added to the pot.

“It was while jamming the song instrumentally that we just happened to sing the words ‘it’s not my fault’ to the tune of the chorus and the rest of the lyrics just came together,” he said.

“The lyrical content of the song is not meant to be taken super seriously at all, with the track aiming to be fun and catchy, and something to make people move.”

Mylk’s video clip for the track is a fun and messy depiction of everything that could wrong in life basically just going wrong as they travel through a share house—from milk spilling onto someone’s head to a car being dented, the video clip has it all.

Not My Fault is uncomplicated yet effective, just like Mylk, and the track’s catchy hooks will roll around your brain for a while after listening.