Prove your humanity

It’s that time of the year again: Guild elections.

Soon the walkways of Curtin campus will be crammed with candidates vying for your vote, their brightly-coloured pamphlets at the ready.

But this election promises to be different, with a hot new ticket in town—Revive.

Unlike the usual ‘joke ticket’, Revive are running as a serious opposition to Guild king-pins Illuminate, running 12 candidates for various positions including Activities Vice-President, Health Sciences Faculty Rep and International Student Committee President. They are also running a number of candidates for the Ordinary Reps Board, the NUS delegation and Guild Council.

Grazing over their candidate statements, the ticket appears to be putting up a united (if somewhat unoriginal) front. While there is something to be said for being on the same page, a little individuality never hurts. Of the 10 candidates who got their statements in on time, half seem to have largely copied and pasted their responses. However, on the plus side, there should be no confusion about Revive’s plans for the Student Guild if elected:

  1. A vibrant campus culture
  2. A ‘root-and-branch’ review of the club registration and grants process
  3. More (much needed) mental health services on campus
  4. An end to ‘mindless crusades for the latest hot button issues propagated by Buzzfeed’—whatever that means.
  5. A universal assignment deadline of 11.59pm across all disciplines
  6. Lactose free milk (how is this not a thing already?)
  7. More corporate sponsorship to cushion the current federal university funding environment

To borrow their own phrase—Revive promises to provide ‘more parties, less bull’.


Guild election campaigning commences on Monday 9th September. The deadline for postal vote applications closes at noon on Tuesday 10th September. For more information on the Guild Election, visit their website