Prove your humanity

Concetta (Connie) Martelli has been elected as the new representative of the Humanities Faculty. Having been elected unopposed, Martelli doesn’t want to waste any time starting on her plans for the department.

As a second year International Relations and International Business major, Martelli knows how important the subject of humanities is in understanding our world. Joining the Curtin Student Guild in 2018, Martelli has already had the opportunity to be on the First Year Committee (in 2018) and has also spent time as a Guild Councillor.

Martelli describes herself as a motivated individual who aims to promote Arts and Humanities, something which is evidenced by her passions.

“I am a creative person, having a lot of artistic hobbies such as song writing,” she says.

“I am passionate about fighting for human rights and ensuring that our society is a safe, healthy and happy place for everyone.”

Being heavily involved in the day-to-day governance of the Guild, Martelli knows how a successful guild must operate in order to get things done. As Guild Councillor she has had the opportunity to make active change in the Curtin community.

“I have [participated in] guild initiatives such as phone banking, attending protests, handing out pamphlets at the university and speaking before lectures,” she says.

These skills will come into good use when Martelli is ready to enforce change and betterment for humanities students, and considering she has had a lifetime interest in social science and humanities, Martelli is confident that she is the best person for this position. She states that she has, the passion, dedication and skills to fight for the needs of humanities students’ and make active, positive changes.”

Martelli’s plans will come in the form of events that focus on raising environmental issues such as climate change, and activities like rubbish picking and tree planting.

Martelli says she would like to prioritise collective climate action and partner with other organisations to further this cause.

Furthermore, Martelli would like to focus on raising opportunities for humanities students to further their careers by implementing surveys to gather information.

As the uncontested Humanities Faculty Representative, Concetta (Connie) Martelli promises to fight for student rights, work hard and go above and beyond for the student community.


Note: Connie Martelli has no political affiliations.