Prove your humanity

The colourful lights were pulsing, techno house music was pumping, and the ‘hey baby’ chant had begun. It was time for the main act to begin.

The Jungle Giants bounded onto the stage and brought a level of manic, chaotic energy that would set the tone for the rest of the night. Quiet Ferocity, the title track of their 2017 album, was up first and was an instant hit with the crowd with its punchy bassline.

Screaming punters were treated to an old favourite, She’s a Riot and they responded with glee by dancing their hearts out. How could you not when the 2013 track was pivotal to our shared indie-rock experience growing up. This was followed up nicely by the groovy On Your Way Down, a track that’s hard not to dance along to.

The band featured a nice spread of tracks from their three albums throughout the night, a celebration of all things past and future. Metros Fremantle was sold out, and from where we were standing it was hard to move at all; think ‘sardines in a can’ type of squished. Relocating upstairs was our wisest move of the night, we could finally move our hands and get our groove on to match the upbeat atmosphere of the evening.

Anywhere Else and I Am What You Want Me to Be kept punters energy levels high with their hands in the air as the jumped and clapped along. A crowd member even got a go at briefly playing frontman Sam Hales’ guitar.

Hales thanked the crowd for attending the show.

“We’ve played this venue before, but we didn’t sell it out,” he said.

“Now we’ve come back and we’ve sold it out. That feels nice. This one’s for you.”

An instrumental track, In the Garage showcased the band’s variety and talent. Feel the Way I Do was a clear contender for punters favourite track of the night, judging by the volume and jump in excitement once the first note started. The colourful lights reflected off the disco ball creating a truly captivating experience.

People Always Say, Waiting For a Sign, and Used to Be in Love were other tracks that made the cut from Quiet Ferocity.

Finally, the namesake of the tour, Heavy Hearted. The track is a cracker of a first release since 2017, and I for one am excited to see what’s up next for the four-piece. The crowd shouted and grooved along to the dance number, a perfect end song for the setlist.

The band’s departure from the stage was short-lived as they quickly returned and slowed down the pace slightly for You’ve Got Something (one of my personal favourites of theirs) and brought the show to a close with an absolute bang with party track Bad Dream.

Of course, there wasn’t enough time for everyone’s favourite tracks to be played, but The Jungle Giants did well in pleasing as many people as they could. Once you had a bit of space to boogie, you were set for a good night.