Prove your humanity

Newly elected Accessibility Officer, Dylan Botica, has been at Curtin since 2017. Studying a double degree in Psychology and Commerce, with majors in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, respectively.

As a nurse, Guild councillor and President of the Psychology Student Association, Botica understand the importance of welfare for all. Bringing this experience into his role as Accessibility Officer, Botica wants to bring the department “towards greater inclusion and consolation with students experiencing disability, health conditions, mental illness”.

Botica is passionate about driving student equity and access to crucial support services that create an enriched environment.

“I have professional and lived experience with the immeasurable impact accessibility considerations can have to access to support and a quality education,” he says.

Botica knows how proper support from the Guild can have an immensely positive impact on students. To improve on this, Botica aims to utilise Curtin Access Plans by promoting their importance and shared benefits, as well as the legal requirements to uphold them within faculties. He also wants to prioritise the availability of Student Assist, push for expanded and increased counselling and disability services and make parking cheaper.

These initiatives will be a way for Botica to make the most out of his term and effectively advocate for students.

“If there is any way you think your Guild can work better for you, make your voice heard. The Guild is here for you.”


Note: Dylan Botica is a member of the Australian Labor Party and a past member of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia.