Prove your humanity

From skyrocketing to the top of the Unearthed High charts with Between Friends in August 2014 it has been a minute since indie electronica group Japanese Wallpaper had graced his fans with something new. They made a brief appearance in 2016 popping up with an EP and disappearing again for 3 years.

But on Saturday night at an intimate gig, they cast a dreamscape ambience over the Sewing Room. Off the back of his latest album Glow, 22-year-old frontman Gab Strum was joined on stage by Georgia Smith and her angelic falsettos as well as music producer/guitarist Graham Ritchie, with the mellow beat kept by Jackson McRae.

Unlike the original cloud dream sound of Japanese Wallpaper (Deluxe) EP and tracks like Between Friends, Waves and Breathe In, this album retains the distinct Japanese Wallpaper ambience melded with some electro-pop and lyrics laced with teen angst for good measure.

Debut Album Glow moves away from the instrumental composition drawing on more vocals with early-2000s Owl City undertones.

Popular tracks Imaginary Friends, Cocoon and title track Glow had fans bopping, though the mellow energy of the crowd barely rose above head nods, Doc Marten tapping and fluid swaying, with the occasional party-goer really feeling themselves.

Keeping with the flowy vibe of the night Georgia Smith enraptured the crowd in a rendition of Forces and the original tunes kept coming, delivering mesmerising performances of Waves and Breathe In.

The tinkering keys of Imaginary Friends took crowds on their journey to marinate in the transcendence of Japanese Wallpaper and support acts Lontalius and Montgomery.