Prove your humanity

As a relatively introverted person, I never imagined going to a music festival, however I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Ice Cream Factory on its last Friday night, as it was amazingly well put together and the atmosphere was euphoric.

For anyone that doesn’t know, ICF is a pop-up venue, and this time it was in Northbridge, including local bars inside such as Coconut Grove, as well as constructing bars and locations such as the Canadian Club Bar, Gordon’s Gin Bar, and many more. It also included a zipline, which created a really entertaining and unique experience within itself. I had never been to such a cool place.

As with any music festival, the event began with smaller, more niche bands, this time being Owl Eyes, which didn’t have many people. This could’ve been due to the early performance time of 7pm. In saying that, the lighting was incredible and Owl Eyes’ performance was wonderful, showing off her singing ability and featuring some of her most popular songs such as On Me and You And I.

The next performance was Miami Horror, who by 9pm had gathered almost half the factory floor, creating huge energy and atmosphere, with their songs being probably my favourite across the night. Their songs are performed as a band but almost feel as if it’s their own genre, and they played songs that everyone absolutely jammed to such as Sometimes and Real Slow.

The final band was Bag Raiders, notoriously known for their song Shooting Stars, which featured in a viral meme last year, and had the factory floor so packed up I could barely move, and I eventually had my friends on top of my shoulder. They sadly didn’t perform Shooting Stars, but played Lighting and How Long, which are some of their best tunes.

As someone who doesn’t really go to music festivals and didn’t know the bands super well, this was an unforgettable night which left me with a sore hangover. If you love indie bands and music festivals, I can’t recommend future ICF events enough, which are selling out rapidly.