Prove your humanity

This week, we continue to ride the festival wave as we bring you Gazey’s River. With Falls Festival in the rear-view mirror, it only felt right to pick another local act who played there on the weekend.

Consisting of five Perth lads, the electronic indie rock group released their album Sole in October last year and will no doubt get a few hips swaying and feet stomping with the track River. I saw Gazey for the first time on the weekend and was impressed by the lively presence of their experimental sounds—laying down grooves to a modest crowd. With layers of effects-heavy keys and buzzy guitar riffs, Gazey serves up a juicy cocktail of sounds including ‘80s synths, ‘90s rock and lo-fi influences.

I appreciate Gazey’s ability to turn a diverse assortment of instruments and sounds into nifty tracks like River. After all, what better way to top a swirly synth line than a bit of tambourine?